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7 Black Influencers You Should Be Following On Instagram

Now, perhaps more than ever, Black-owned businesses are in the spotlight as conscious consumers uplift and support them. However, there are a plentiful amount of bloggers, influencers and content creators that deserve to receive your attention as well!

There are a number of problems that can be analyzed within the influencer marketing industry today, including but now limited to a focus on models with only eurocentric features, pay disparities, unequal opportunities for models of color and more. According to the Instagram account @influencerpaygap, Fashion Nova and Curology are two of the endless brands that have been exposed for exploiting their underpaid Black influencers. “Inclusive” brands are also well known for only highlighting the Black people deemed acceptable, which are usually light-skinned women. 

There are so many ways to continue supporting the Black community right now, just one of which is to follow the seven influencers below, and beyond. 

Cierra Nia, @simply.cie

LA-based fashionista Cierra Nia is a must-follow if you’re looking to up the ante in your wardrobe. Her fits are stylish, ranging from monochromatic to street style, and are always paired with accessories.

Morgan Brown, @itsheymorgan

YouTuber and skincare enthusiast Morgan Brown serves face throughout her Instagram. In offering tips to prevent dull or dry skin, she shares with her audience a detailed and hydrating skincare regimen.

Salem Mitchell, @salemmitchell

Who would’ve thought a photo with a banana would be the secret to going viral? For Salem Mitchell, that was the trick. Mitchell is an LA-based model that personifies being the “main character” by sharing both her modeling content and her own unique outfits.

Naomi Elizée, @naomielizee

Naomi Elizée does it all. As Vogue’s Associate Market Editor, founder and host of her podcast So What Do You Do Again?, and an overall fashion icon, Elizée embodies the term "girl boss." 

Mikaela Loach, @mikaelaloach

Environmental justice and anti-racism activist Mikaela Loach is the perfect person to follow to learn more about incorporating eco-friendly choices into your daily life. The Edinburgh-based influencer also recently launched YIKES, a podcast discussing climate activism.

Lillian Akenham, @flex.mami

Following Lillian will be one of the most colorful decisions that you’ll make on Instagram. Akenham does it all between her sex and lifestyle podcast, Bobo and Flex, and online business, Flex Factory. She even custom designs retro celebrity tees, like her popular Harry Styles shirt.

Ciara Johnson, @hey_ciara

Planning a trip post COVID-19? Ciara has all the tips for solo travel, budget friendly options, and traveling as a woman. Her Twitter threads about travel frequently go viral, so her content may be familiar to you, and she blogs about all of her adventures at Hey Ciara

By diversifying your feed and following these women – and other Black influencers – you can help amplify Black voices that have long been silenced by their non-Black counterparts. 

Hi! I’m a writer/journalist at Florida A&M University with a passion in veganism, sustainability, music and pop culture!
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