4 TikTok Accounts to Follow for the Best Post-Grad Career Advice

By now, I’m sure we all know how valuable TikTok can be. But forget dance trends and memes – people are getting some advice from more experienced individuals about their potential careers and I’m loving it. Like any other upperclassman, or even recent grads, I’m starting to get a little stressed about what post-grad life is going to look like. These four accounts have helped calm my nerves, and hopefully they can do the same for you! 

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  1. 1. @Averiebishop – law school & becoming an attorney

    After making the executive decision that I’m going to take the LSAT (the law SAT that’s required to apply to law school), I dove into a huge law school TikTok shaped rabbit hole that ended up with me stalking the sh*t out of @averiebishop’s page.

    Bishop creates content on everything from how to get into your dream law school to day-in-the-life videos of her time as a law student. I love her content because she makes applying and attending law school seem much more attainable and relatable for everyone. 

    Bishop also creates content that helps POC and low-income students navigate the numerous expensive hoops that we all have to go through while applying for law school, which, as an aspiring Black law school attendee, I appreciate. Her videos are always on my FYP (for you page) and she’s even created a YouTube and brand to help undergraduate students navigate the scary world that is law school. 

  2. 2. @Cedonifrancis — the corporate world

    person typing on MacBook Pro

    If your dream job involves a big city and a Fortune 500 company, you definitely need to give @cedonifrancis a follow. Francis first popped up on my FYP with a video describing her employment journey in college, including some really impressive internships and programs at places like NBC Universal and Google. Her account gives both high school and undergraduate students advice on how to work the application process at large companies to your advantage by sharing resume, interview and networking experience.

    She’s also always announcing when these companies’ internship applications go live, which has definitely been helpful to my roommates and friends who are looking to give their resumes a bump. Francis will even read and helps you edit your resume to make it stand out during the application process. She is definitely worth the follow.

  3. 3. @Careerbabe — marketing and finance

    I know we’ve all seen those videos of business school majors describing how they have “basically no homework” in comparison to their STEM or liberal arts major friends, but contrary to these videos, business majors do actually have to get jobs post-grad. Shocking, I know. If you’re one of these lucky students, check out @careerbabe on TikTok.

    Cynthia Huang’s account, along with her advice, has blown up over quarantine. Just like @cedonifrancis, Huang’s career journey appeared on my FYP and I instantly loved her. Her video talked about her career switch from working a finance job at JPMorgan Chase to marketing at Benefit Cosmetics, to graduate school and more.

    Her account is the ultimate career advice account because she goes over everything: how to land a job in finance, how to pivot careers, graduate school tips and so, so much more. Huang also has a free mentorship program for anyone feeling overwhelmed or lost in the post-grad job search, along with a YouTube where she goes into detail on subjects she’s covered in her TikToks and vlogs.

  4. 4. @afeikes — politics and working on the Hill

    Washington Capitol

    After watching too many episodes of Madam Secretary and West Wing, I’ll be the first to admit I definitely considered working on Capitol Hill in some way, shape or form. While a job in politics may not be on my current radar, @afeikes’s videos are still so entertaining to watch. As a political science major, I’ve seen firsthand how daunting it can be to try and start a career in Washington, but Allison Feikes makes it seem within reach for many of us. 

    Feikes is a Senate staffer, and her videos cover every quirky and random thing you need to know as a staffer on the Hill. From keeping extra clothes and shoes in her office for spur of the moment Senate hearings to day-in-the-life vlogs at her office, she makes her important work exciting to watch. She even goes over tips and tricks for finding jobs and/or internships on the Hill, as well as how to nail your interviews.

    Her account is a nice reminder that those extras you see in an office in your favorite political TV show actually exist in real life, and that they’re working around the clock to help our country’s leaders. Because of the nature of her job, Feikes does not have much of a social media presence besides TikTok, so you’ll just have to follow her to find out what she’s all about. 

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Next time you “accidentally” spend two plus hours on TikTok, make sure to check out these accounts to feel a little more informed and productive – at least, that’s what I tell myself. Try interacting with some of these creators, too! Most of them are very responsive, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find your dream job and shake off a little post-grad job search anxiety.