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I’m Obsessed With Zack’s Grandma From ‘Love Is Blind’

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 follow. I know that this season of Love Is Blind was full of drama, but there were some definite bright spots, too. Episode 11 introduced us to Kwame’s sister Barbara, while Episode 10 of the season brought us the supportive mama bear that was Bliss’ mom. And now, in the final episode of Season 4, Netflix introduced us to a new side cast member: Zack’s grandma.

As we know, Zack didn’t have the smoothest upbringing, or run on the show for that matter. In just the first couple of episodes, Zack revealed that growing up, his mother was a stripper. Additionally, he dealt with a rocky relationship after choosing Irina over Bliss (which was literally his decision, but I digress). Then, he dealt with a tense situation when he met Bliss’ dad for the first time, and that tension continued until the two met at the altar. Needless to say, the dude went through it on LIB.

However, Episode 12 introduced audiences to his grandma, Jean, who is (presumably) his mother’s mother. From the second she sees Zack, Jean gives us all that familiar grandma cuteness: calling him handsome, giving him hugs, the whole nine yards.

The cutest part, however, is when she tells Zack that his mother would be so proud of him. And when Zack says that he’s been looking for love for a long time, his grandma responds, “I wouldn’t think it would take that long. You are a good catch.” Stop. It.

Thankfully, it seems like Bliss knows he’s a good catch too — the pair did tie the knot at the altar, and it seems like things are still smooth sailing, though of course we won’t know until the live reunion airs on April 16. He shared a sweet photo of them on his Instagram with the caption, “Eternal Bliss,” adding in a follow-up comment, “No question mark.”

Too cute!

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