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irina solomonova on love is blind season 4
irina solomonova on love is blind season 4
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Irina’s Apology Has ‘Love Is Blind’ Fans Rolling Their Eyes

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 ahead. Oh, boy. If you’ve been watching Season 4 of Love Is Blind, then you’d agree with me in saying that this season is a mess… in the best way. While there’s been some definite relationship drama between the engaged couples — like Jackie, Marshall, and Josh’s love triangle — there’s also been a fair share of drama with the cast as individuals. ICYMI, fans of the show believe that there were some mean girls in the cast, and they are not having it.

Before we witnessed the toxicity of Micah’s friend group in Episode 8, Irina was a cast member originally engaged to fan-favorite Zack. When Irina appeared in the first episode, the show attempted to showcase her in a relatable light: She touched on her past with severe acne, and how she still struggles with her image to this day. Cool. Nice. Whatever. But once Irina started actually dating folks in the pods, things went south. Like, the Earth’s core south.

Irina started dating Zack, who was also talking to another woman, Bliss. While Bliss mostly minded her own business, Irina would make fun of her openly and seemingly laugh at her when Zack broke things off with Bliss. But she didn’t do this alone. Micah, another cast member, was also caught in a love triangle. And once Micah’s match, Paul, broke up with his other potential match, Amber, Irina and Micah laughed at her pain and poked fun at how she was handling the breakup. Yikes.

Then, once the engaged couples met, Irina made fun of Zack’s appearance and personality… all while flirting with her “bestie” Micah’s man. Eventually, Zack and Irina called things off once the vacation came to a close, and Irina’s appearance in the show dwindled. Her Campus reached out to Irina’s team for comment on the backlash, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

While Micah released an apology on March 29, Irina has been silent about her behavior on the show. That is, until late on April 2 when she posted an apology video on her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

In Irina’s apology, she addresses the delay in talking about the controversy and states how she’s already apologized to her fellow castmates privately. She also stated that it’s taken a lot of reflection to form her apology, which is why it may be perceived as “late.” Irina finished the video by saying that she’s still on her journey, and hopes to grow from this experience.

Despite finally addressing her actions during the season, fans of the show weren’t too keen on Irina’s apology. The comment sections are filled with comments saying that Irina’s apology was not “genuine” and reacting with a “bombastic side eye.”

People on Twitter have also been reacting to the video, and the reception is pretty mixed.

While there is a possibility that Irina’s apology was genuine, we’ll never really know her intentions behind releasing it. All we can do is simply move on from the reality TV show drama. We got bigger fish to fry, y’all.

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