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Swifties, Here’s When Taylor Will Be At The Chiefs Games (Hopefully)

Football season is underway and, thanks to Taylor Swift, the NFL is more popular than ever. ICYMI, Taylor Swift is rumored to be dating Travis Kelce — the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs — and has appeared at both the Sept. 24 and the Oct. 1 games. And with every KC game that the NFL airs, Swifties ask the same question: “Will Taylor Swift be at the Chiefs game this week?”

To say that Taylor Swift is a busy woman would be an understatement. Let us not forget that Blondie is still on the Eras Tour, which is set to wrap up its United States leg on Nov. 3 before heading to South America, Asia, and Europe until Nov. 23. She’s also supposedly dating one of the most famous football players in the NFL, and is regularly seen hanging out with him outside of the area — and, like, in his convertible. You know, superstar things. I can totally relate.

So, when is Swift finding the time to cheer Kelce on (when she’s not stealing the show on her own)? I took the time to browse through both Swift’s and Kelce’s schedules to see when you should tune into the Chiefs game — if keeping an eye out for Blondie, and her friends, is on your radar.

But before we get into things, there are a few things to note: Swift is on a bit of a break from touring until Oct. 18. I’d say it’s safe to assume that until then, we should keep an eye out for Swift at both the Oct. 8 and Oct. 12 games. Additionally, Swift has a jet (and the carbon emissions to prove it, oops!), so she realistically can head to any game she wants. However, performing can be taxing, and I’m not sure Swift will want to tire herself out before the international leg of the Eras Tour.

Chargers v. Chiefs: Oct. 22

On Oct. 22, KC will be hosting the Los Angeles Chargers at their home turf: Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO. Swift has a concert in Miami on Oct. 20, and doesn’t have another show until Oct. 25 in New Orleans.

Chiefs v. Broncos: Oct. 29

Then, the Chiefs will travel to Denver on Oct. 29. Swift will be in New Orleans prior to this, but her final show in NOLA will take place on Oct. 27. She’s set to perform in Indianapolis on Nov. 1.

Dolphins v. Chiefs: Nov. 5

On Nov. 5, the Chiefs will be back in Kansas City to take on the Miami Dolphins. With Swift’s final United States tour date on Nov. 3, and her international tour starting on Nov. 9, I think this is one game Swift will definitely be at — and I’m expecting a Taylor Swift and Alix Earle crossover. Shout out Braxton Berrios.

Starting in early November, Swift will be traveling through South America, but will be taking another break from touring until Feb. 7 after finishing up in São Paulo, Brazil on Nov. 23. Here’s what the Chiefs will be up to during Swift’s break:

  • Chiefs V. Packers: Dec. 3
  • Bills V. Chiefs: Dec. 10
  • Chiefs V. Patriots: Dec. 18
  • Raiders V. Chiefs: Dec. 25
  • Bengals V. Chiefs: Dec. 31
  • Chiefs V. Chargers: Jan. 7

After the Jan. 7 game, the NFL shifts into playoff season — so I’m unsure of the Chiefs schedule beyond that point. Additionally, Swift will be in Tokyo from Feb. 7 to Feb. 10, before heading to Australia to perform on Feb. 16. Now, I hate to break it to the new Swiftie-Chiefs-fan hybrids out there, but, if KC does make it to the Super Bowl, Swift would have to leave right after her show in Japan to make it in time for the game on Feb. 11 at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium. Typically, this is a travel time of 12+ hours — but with private jets (and love, I guess) anything is possible.

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