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\'Bridgerton\'s Francesca and John Stirling
\'Bridgerton\'s Francesca and John Stirling
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ICYMI, ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Took A Queer Turn Thanks To Michaela Stirling

It wouldn’t be a new season of Bridgerton without  the unexpected. We may be in Polin season this summer, but if anything, the final episode of Season 3: Part 2 has opened the doorway for another iconic couple. It’s safe to say that fans have not stopped talking about Penelope and Colin’s wedding, the infamous furniture-breaking scene, and who will potentially be the diamond-of-season couple next season. Even though it’s confirmed that Season 4 of Bridgerton won’t be released for another 2 years, Season 3 has left us already pining for more of Francesca’s story and where it could go from here, especially with the arrival of Miss Michaela Stirling. 

Not only are we left excited about Francesca’s future, but we were also left anticipating to see what happens next in Francesca’s world as she’s introduced to someone who seems to be her next love interest. After that Season 3 finale, we’re curious to know more about this new suitor who had rendered Francesca speechless. Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 3: Part 2 & When He Was Wicked follow. 

Does Francesca get married in Season 3?

Throughout Season 3: Part 1, Francesca is in a relationship with John Kilmartin. The two meet one night at a ball and slowly begin having romantic feelings for one another. In Part 2, Francesca and John get married and plan to move to Scotland  together. The two of them form a fast relationship, similar to how Francesca’s story plays out in When He Was Wicked

Who is Michaela Stirling?

In When He Was Wicked, Francesca and John move to Scotland to start a family. The couple gets close to John’s cousin, Michael Stirling, who plays a large part in the books. As Francesca and John begin to celebrate their second wedding anniversary, John unexpectedly passes away. This leaves both Francesca and Michael heartbroken, and the two begin to process their grief while getting closer. The book ends with Francesca and Michael falling in love and getting married to one another. 

In Bridgerton Season 3: Part 2, Francesca and John get married and begin planning their leave for Scotland. During the final episode of Part 2, John introduces Francesca and Eloise to his cousin who has just arrived in London. We then meet Michaela Stirling, who immediately knocks Francesca off of her feet. We see Francesca struggle to get words out as she introduces herself while staring at Michaela — ultimately foreshadowing another great Bridgerton love story. 

Bridgerton’s showrunner spoke about Michaela’s arrival. 

Jess Brownell, Bridgerton’s showrunner and executive producer, spoke about the change in the story and Michaela’s addition to the series. Brownell told Glamour in a June 13 interview that she was able to relate to Francesca’s story of feeling different while reading When He Was Wicked as a queer woman. “But, for many of us in the queer community, that sense of feeling different is a part of our stories,” Brownell also goes on to hint that Francesca’s relationship with both Michaela and John will be different in a future season of the series. However, she’s “hopeful to tell a very nuanced story about Francesca having two great loves in her life,” when it comes to her future in the Bridgerton world. 

Even if we may have to wait 2 years to see more of Francesca and Michaela’s budding relationship, I’m already counting down the days until Season 4 premieres.

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