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Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington in \'Bridgerton\' Season 3
Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington in \'Bridgerton\' Season 3
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Y’all, We Finally Know What Furniture Polin Broke During Their ‘Bridgerton’ Sex Scene

It was the buzz heard around the world. As soon as it was revealed that Season 3 of Bridgerton would be following the complicated, yet incredibly sweet budding relationship between Penelope and Colin, fans have been anxiously anticipating all of the Polin scenes. Bridgerton is a show where fans can expect the unexpected, and it’s no shock that Part 2 has left all of us wiping our tears and clenching our pearls. It’s also no surprise that one of the most highly anticipated scenes of the entire show would be addressed in Part 2, which involves… a specific piece of furniture. 

After Part 1’s carriage scene (which we will never get over) and Colin’s proposal, we’ve been anxiously awaiting to see what the broken furniture the cast has been talking about all this time and after watching Part 2, we finally have our answer. Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for Bridgerton Season 3: Part 1 & 2 follow. 

The broken furniture was teased in 2023. 

During Netflix’s Tudum event, Nicola Coughlan (who plays Penelope Featherington) teased that she and her co-star Luke Newton (who plays Colin Bridgerton) shared a scene together in Season 3. She also revealed that they had broken a piece of furniture during one of the season’s steamiest scenes. Fans immediately began thinking that the item the duo must have broken was a mirror, due to it being included in one of the most infamous scenes in Romancing Mister Bridgerton. 

For those who don’t know, in the book, Colin and Penelope have a moment to themselves in Lady Bridgerton’s drawing room, where they decide they won’t go any further before their wedding day. The scene foreshadows the moment later in the book, after Polin runs away from their engagement ball. Colin mentions that he wants to have sex in front of a mirror and confirms his love for Penelope. 

After reading this scene in the book, and hearing Coughlan and Newton’s confession of breaking furniture, many were dying to see the proof and what the piece of furniture in question could be. But Coughlan and Newton spilled all the details when Part 2 dropped. 

Nicola Coughlan posted the proof on Instagram. 

On June 13, hours after Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 dropped, Coughlan posted a photo of the broken furniture piece on Instagram. The photo has both Coughlan and Newton posing with their masterpiece (aka the broken sofa) in celebration of Part 2’s release. Coughlan expressed her gratitude for everyone watching, writing that the cast & crew “put their heart and souls into it” with a closeup shot of the furniture. 

Coughlan also captioned her post with, “Polin forever,” making our hearts flutter at the sight of Coughlan and Newton filming one of the most famous scenes in Bridgerton

Needless to say, dear reader, it might be a while before we fully recover from Part 2.

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