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WTF Is Going On Between Jack Wright & Tana Mongeau?

I have this strange, almost guilty pleasure, fascination with Tana Mongeau. There’s something utterly captivating about her unabashed, no-holds-barred attitude. Whether she’s tearing down societal norms on her podcast “CANCELLED” or causing a stir online, Tana refuses to filter herself. And the recent Jack Wright drama that emerged after the Cancelled Tour is no exception.

But let’s be real — sometimes her unfiltered nature can be a bit much, especially when it comes to her comments about other creators. Take the recent controversy surrounding TikToker Jack Wright, for example. Tana’s revelations about him being different in real life have sparked quite the debate. Suddenly, everyone’s questioning if Jack’s online persona truly reflects who he is offline.

Mongeau, the queen of spilling the tea on her wild adventures, has done it again. If you’re all about those captivating “storytime” videos and candid discussions about life’s quirks, then you’re in for a treat. And, boy, does Mongeau have the story this time. In a 2023 podcast episode that’s sending shockwaves through the internet, Tana dropped a bombshell about a famous TikToker, hint: it’s the one who gives off those squeaky-clean vibes online. But hold onto your seats, because according to Tana, there’s a whole different side to this TikTok star when the cameras aren’t rolling. 

While Mongeau, the ultimate party girl, did not spill about seeing this TikTok heartthrob at the time, she did dive headfirst into a world of wild antics at some after-parties. “I’ll just always see them at like 9 AM at an after-party doing crazy drugs,” Mongeau said in the podcast episode, TANA AND BROOKE ARE FIGHTING OVER THE SAME GUY. During her podcast tour, however, Tana was asked to reveal the identity of the TikToker she was talking about during this episode. She and her co-host Brooke Schofield then confirmed that it was, in fact, Jack Wright. Her Campus reached out to Wright’s team for comment, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Wright, a TikTok sensation with over 11 million followers, hasn’t directly confronted the allegations. Despite the controversy, he is continuing to churn out some fresh content on his platform. In his recent post, where he simply reveals an outfit, the comment section is buzzing with references to Mongeau’s accusations. One user writes, “we all came here because of that video,” as people continue to express their disbelief and letdown, with some even poking fun at Wright’s supposed obsession with Jeffrey Dahmer with “I fear you ATE and SLAYED” and “that’s a killer fit.”

Yup, you read that right. Tana alleges she’s seen this TikTok sensation, who’s got a striking resemblance to Evan Peters, let loose and embrace a lifestyle that’s far from the pristine image we see online. And it doesn’t stop there, because apparently, this TikTok sensation isn’t shy about going all out for Halloween either. Tana claims to have caught them rocking a Jeffrey Dahmer costume not just once, but multiple times. Talk about a plot twist that’s stirring up some serious drama.


I still can’t belive some of you didn’t know about Jeffrey Dahmer before that show came out. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #jackwright #jeffreydahmer

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

So yeah, while dressing up as Dahmer isn’t illegal, it’s still pretty weird. But that’s the thing about Mongeau –—she’s always ready to peel back the layers and show you what’s really going on behind the scenes, whether you love her or hate her. As for Jack Wright, well, only time will tell how he’ll address these allegations and how his fanbase will react. One thing’s for sure though, Tana’s bombshell has definitely added an unexpected twist to the TikTok universe, leaving everyone wondering what other surprises might be lurking beneath the surface of their favorite creators’ carefully curated online persona.

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