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A Breakdown Of The Lilah Gibney’s ‘Hype House’ Wedding Controversy

The era of content creator houses may have ended, but the controversies surrounding the influencers who were once members are still taking the internet by storm. 

On June 22, Hype House members Kouvr Annon and Alex Warren got married in California. The two announced their engagement on Instagram in January 2023 and fans were swooning! The couple has been well known on TikTok for their skits, pranks, and more. So of course, when the couple announced their engagement, fans couldn’t wait to get an up-close look at their wedding once the day was finally here. 

The pair’s wedding day was beautiful and was attended by stars like Charli D’Amelio, Markell Washington, and even musician David Kushner. One guest, however, vlogger Lilah Gibney, posted a now-deleted video on YouTube titled “I caught the bouquet at Alex & Kouvr’s WEDDING” and it’s been causing some major drama. 

In the vlog, Gibney showed her and her friends driving to the wedding and giving viewers insight into the ceremony and reception. This vlog rubbed many the wrong way, mostly because Gibney showcased the wedding before the newlyweds even had the chance to. Gibney even posted an Instagram reel on June 24, showing off her wedding outfit, clips of the ceremony/ reception, and the venue.

Since showing off the couple’s wedding for everyone to see, Gibney has recieved a ton of backlash online. TikTok user @mattiesbasement posted a video on June 25 that served as a commentary on the recent controversy. In the video, Mattie says, “If somebody makes a vlog about my wedding… why would you do that? It’s a wedding, not a theme park.” 


is this a crazy take? and im not talking about GRWMs those are cute!!

♬ original sound – Mattie

Many commented in agreement with Mattie while throwing shade at Gibney. One person commented, “Lilah using THEIR wedding as a backdrop for her basically OOTD really got me.” Another wrote, “The way I saw a video of Lilah catching the bouquet and I was baffled looking at a vlog camera in her hand.”  

The most notable shade, though, was from the bride and groom themselves. Annon and Warren both commented on and reposted Mattie’s video. Warren commented, “This is a very VALID take” while Annon wrote, “Period.” 

The internet is also on the newlyweds’ side. Many found it incredibly disrespectful for a wedding guest to post about a ceremony and reception when they were asked not to. What makes this even worse is that she posted the wedding before the couple was given that opportunity and fans have expressed how Gibney’s actions have left a bad taste in their mouths. 

Fans have been commenting things like, “The fact you recorded and took pictures after they had a sign saying not to is so crazy,” one person commented. “Posting in the aisle is insane,” another TikTok user wrote. “Is this their wedding or yours?” someone else asked. 

Some TikTok creators have even made videos voicing their disapproval of Gibney’s actions. 


her response to the backlash was even more wild😭😭 that being said no need to send her hate, im just talking about my perspective on the situation as a cancelled podcast stan #cancelledpodcast #alexandkouvr #wedding #drama

♬ original sound – brianna

the fact she sees nothing wrong with that too is a red flag #fyp #kouvr #alexwarren #wedding #lilah

♬ original sound – Jayden

Needless to say, many were not happy with Gibney’s actions, including the newlyweds.

The married couple officially posted footage from their wedding after Gibney shared her posts, with Warren sharing a YouTube video of him and Annon exchanging vows on June 24.

Although it seems the couple didn’t approve of Gibney’s actions, they’re not allowing it to dull the happiness they felt on their wedding day. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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