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Brooke Schofield Put Her Ex On Blast In A 14-Part TikTok Series, & I’m Living For It

If Clinton Kane thought Brooke Schofield was “yapping” before, he did not know what was coming. Brooke Schofield, a social media star best known for cohosting the Cancelled podcast with Tana Mongeau, posted a 14-part TikTok series that served as a dissertation on her and singer-songwriter Clinton Kane’s relationship, keeping views on the edge of their seats. So, if you’re looking for the TL;DR version of the Brooke Schofield and Clinton Kane drama on TikTok, you’ve come to the right place.

It all started on June 25, when Kane posted a TikTok that included a dig at Schofield: “When you’ve been over the relationship for two years, but she won’t stop yapping,” Clinton wrote in his video. The video seems to promote Kane’s new song, which is set to release on June 28.

Schofield quickly responded to Kane’s TikTok by posting not just one, not just two, but 14 videos chronicling her relationship with the singer: “He said, ‘She can’t stop yapping,’ I’m like, ‘I will show you yapping,” she stated during her version of “Who The F*ck Did I Marry?” 

Schofield went into detail about every aspect of the relationship from start to end. Throughout their relationship, Brooke alleges the singer lied about multiple important aspects of his life, from his age, his race, his childhood, where he is from, and his family, who he said was dead. When, in fact, they were alive and well. Clinton told Brooke during one of the first dates that in 2020, “his mom, dad, and brother died in the same year,” which turned out to be untrue — his mother and brother are currently both alive at the time of publication.

Additionally, during the relationship, Schofield explained that Kane didn’t like them to be separated, so there was no time for her to look at his online presence or fact-check him.

Not only that, but Schofield said that  Kane would throw his family trauma in her face as a way to excuse this bad behavior, and would tantrums at little things like if she did not pay attention to him 24/7. 

“The overwhelming common theme of all of our arguments was I was worsening his trauma, and he can’t believe that I’m so insensitive to everything that he has been through,” Schofield said. “I remind him so much of his mother, who was so horrible to him, and I should be way more sensitive to everything that he is going through..”

Schofield also talked about when Kane went on the Zack Sang podcast. After the podcast was posted, Schofield said that Kane wanted it taken down, and it was confusing to Brooke why he would want the podcast taken down given that the two were friends. That was when she went to the comments.

The video’s comments discussed how Kane was lying about his family being dead and how he is, in fact, not from Australia. Schofield said some of the comments included, “This is really strange. I don’t know where this Australian accent came from. He is not Australian; he is from Brunei. I grew up with him, I went to school with him, and I saw his mom last week.”

Schofield continued to date Kane until she found out he was allegedly cheating on him with multiple people. “We were spending every single section together, so if I matched up to timelines, we would be laying together in bed watching Bridgerton, and he’d be sending a dick pic,” she explained. 

After confronting him about cheating, Schofield finally felt confident enough to confront him about whether or not his mother was alive. “He finally admitted that he did, in fact, fake the death of his mom and his brother,” Schofield stated. “His dad is dead, not that that’s a good thing. But there’s one out of three that are dead and the rest are still kicking.”

Schofield concluded her series by saying, “Anyway, it has now been two years since we have broken up and he had the nerve to post a TikTok today saying that I cannot let it go. And I just want to go on record and say: No f*cking sh*t.” 

To discuss the importance of treating mental conditions before dating anyone seriously. “And if you take nothing else away from the story, then just know that treating underlying mental health conditions is very important because had I known what was wrong with me — I would’ve never gone near that man to begin with.”

The reaction to the series has been positive, with many TikTok feeling solidarity after dealing with men who are liars or cheaters who have the nerve to keep their names in their mouths.


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So, in conclusion, never underestimate the power of a woman yapping. Brooke Schofield, the icon you are…

Hollie David is a nursing student who graduated from Central Connecticut State University in May 2024. She has a passion for writing especially about women's health, mental health and feminist issues. She's been published in multiple nursing magazines from Nursing made Incredibly Easy to Imprint. She was also a staff writer for The Recorder. In Hollie's free time she loves to read, watch true crime documentaries and attend dance classes.