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These ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 Predictions Are Absolutely Wild

ICYMI, on Jan. 6, Netflix announced Wednesday will be returning for a second season. So forget about pink. On Wednesdays, I’m wearing black. If living in Jenna Ortega’s universe has taught me anything, it’s that you can’t go wrong with a classic and sometimes haunting wardrobe. And now that season one of Wednesday has officially wrapped, I’m pulling out my best winter clothing, all black of course, and cozying up by the fire with my trusty 2015 MacBook laptop to go over every single detail from those magical eight episodes, in hopes of connecting some dots before season two rolls around. 

So far, from my sleuthing, all signs are pointing to things getting a lot more heated — and unexpected — next semester at the illusive Nevermore Academy. Honestly, I’d expect nothing less from an Edgar Allan Poe-Esque school full of mythical creatures straight out of a gothic horror novel. Right now, my sights are set on those hallowed halls being the prime destination for yet another bone-chilling storyline with twists and turns at every corner. And naturally, our most beloved character, Wednesday Addams, will be at the center of the chaos and mystery course. 

It’s beginning to feel a lot like things are only just beginning for our friend. Maybe, that’s exactly what the writers want us to think. Who knows, season two might end up bringing us into a new era of The Addams Family, one we won’t soon forget. I’m so ready for this iconic show to go even further down in pop culture history. Here’s to hoping for a second act that brings show-stopping fashion, unforgettable dialogue, and characters we can’t let go of. 

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the predictions for the upcoming season. And when I say your face will look shocked at one point or another, you better believe it!

The stalker’s tracks are revealed. 

The showrunners revealed that they have plans to expose a little more of the stalker’s story. To add, they already know who it is, but can’t tell us yet if we’ve already met them or not. I want to know who it is, like yesterday!

Tyler and Laurel strike again.

At the end of season one, they were sent away and thought to be dealt with. Yet when it comes to these two, you never really know when the end means a defeat, or simply a new beginning. I can see them conspiring now. 

Morticia Addams is a new hire.

After everything that happened, with Weems now gone a replacement is in order. I think Morticia would be a great addition to the storyline here, especially since she is someone who would understand the politics of Nevermore well being an alumni herself.

Meeting Bianca’s mysterious family. 

There has to be more to this plot point than what was offered. I don’t know about you, but I want to see what Bianca’s cult-like family business is like. And also, I need more on her relationship with her mother. What’s with that?

Tyler and Wednesday romance. 

It might be one-sided and part of his master plan, but there’s something in me that likes seeing Tyler and Wednesday together. I’m fully aware that what I’m about to say is highly impractical, but maybe he will come to his senses for her sake? A girl can dream.

Stronger friendship between characters. 

Most of all, I’m looking forward to Wednesday getting even closer to her new friends Enid and Bianca. I can’t say it enough, she deserves to have a team of strong, understanding, and caring people in her social circle. 

Alicia Casey was a National Writer for Her Campus from December 2022 to April 2023 covering all things health and wellness. She's graduating from Cal State Long Beach in May 2023 with her B.A. in public relations and a minor in communications studies.