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The Best Memes From The 2023 VMAs, Including Saweetie & The Teleprompter

If you tuned into this year’s 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, you were treated to myriad wonderful live performances from the likes of Olivia Rodrigo who played “vampire” and “get him back!” from her new album and instant classic GUTS, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion who shared their brand-new collaboration “Bongos” with stunning tropical visuals, and even Fall Out Boy — who literally rocked the house with “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” Even better than the live performances from the likes of Video Vanguard winner Shakira, a mini NSYNC reunion, and major wins for Taylor Swift, are the VMAs memes, of course.

Viewers took to X/Twitter and TikTok immediately as the now-viral moments from the pre-show, main show, and acceptance speeches rolled out. From Saweetie’s VMAs pre-show pink carpet moments as a host and Sabrina Carpenter’s pre-show performance of “Nonsense” with a wild outro all the way to Ice Spice and Taylor Swift’s friendship videos and Nicki Minaj’s emcee moments, these are the best jokes and observations to come out of this year’s VMAs. Basically, we can’t get enough of these moments and will be laughing all week. Here are just a handful of the best VMAs interactions the internet loved.


Saweetie Reading The Teleprompter

It’s OK, Saweetie, Live TV is tough work and you’re doing great! Plus, that dress is peak glamour.

Sabrina Carpenter With The Jaw-Dropping Lyrics

“Sabrina the icon that you are,” pretty much sums it up perfectly.

Taylor Swift’s Pink Carpet Arrival

She must make a dynamic entrance, especially now that she is a 2023 VMAs winner for Best Pop.

Olivia Rodrigo Is A LetterboxD Bro

Both a meme and a fun fact.

Ice Spice and Taylor Swift

They’re just like me and my bestie, TBH.

My Favorite Category

I want, nay–NEED–to go to a club with her.

Nicki Minaj Taking A Poll

Hey, at least she asked, and her fans gave the answer we all wanted!

Fall Out Boy’s Outfit Choice

IMHO, the outfits were a total slay, much like their version of “We Didn’t Start The Fire.”

Ice Spice’s Face

This is the best reaction to come out of the evening, truly.

Selena Is Mother

Selena is not just mother, but a 2023 VMAs winner.

The VMAS Did Run A bit Long…

It is a Tuesday night, MTV.

More to come…

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