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Sabrina Carpenter Popped Off With These “Nonsense” Outros

Breaking news: Sabrina Carpenter is officially the it girl of the year. Whether it’s from her amazing outfit combinations or the Instagram posts with fans wearing “Dipsh*t” hats with hearts, it’s clear that the Pennsylvanian-born singer has made a clear impact. Her fifth studio album, Emails I Can’t Send, was released to critical acclaim last year, skyrocketing Carpenter’s success and solidifying her as one of the top new pop singers. From her start as a cover artist on YouTube to global superstardom, Carpenter has been able to pave her way through different albums, and being able to capture her fan’s attention with her vulnerability. 

However, Carpenter is also this generation’s version of Shakespeare, in my opinion. She’s been able to capture the attention of the internet not only for her heartbreaking honesty, but also for her impeccable sense of humor. After performing her fifth single, “Nonsense,” on the Emails I Can’t Send Tour, fans eagerly expect Carpenter to change the outro every stop to highlight the city where the concert is taking place. The outros range from upbeat to scandalous and down right hilarious thanks to the puns Carpenter comes up with. With so many different outros throughout these last few tour stops, I decided that I wanted to highlight some of Carpenter’s best “Nonsense” outros.

Let’s Rodeo, San Antonio

Yes, I am incredibly biased toward this outro because I saw it live. On March 25, Carpenter played at The Espee in San Antonio, Texas. The concert consisted of poking fun at square-dancing (yes, some people really do it here), a marriage proposal with a Ring Pop, and a fan talking about a cheating boyfriend. When it came to the “Nonsense” outro, Carpenter poked fun at San Antonio’s Rodeo history, saying, “I just wanna ride him like a rodeo / But first he gotta grow it like Pinocchio / Sorry I’m so vulgar, San Antonio,” resulting in myself and everyone around me screaming by the end.

Hometown Happiness in Philadelphia

During the first leg of the Emails I Can’t Send Tour, it became clear that Carpenter realized that fans were highly anticipating the constantly changing outros. On Oct. 22, 2022, during Carpenter’s hometown show, the outro began wholesome but changed into a classic moment: “This crowd is giving me all the endorphins / I wish someone could rearrange my organs / Philly is the city I was born in.” The outro also served as a way to pay homage to where Carpenter grew up and began playing songs at a young age.

The Best Personality in Los Angeles

This was the first “Nonsense” outro that I watched a few months ago, and it was actually the reason as to why I became obsessed with “Nonsense.” During the Los Angeles concert on the first leg of the EICS Tour, Carpenter poked fun at the theories that “Nonsense” was written about her former boyfriend, Joshua Bassett. Carpenter sings “I’ve got a personality but no tits / This song isn’t about Joshua Bassett / Los Angeles, your energy is big d*ck,” and laughs about the audience’s reactions to the casual name-dropping. Thank you for always keeping us on our toes, Sabrina.

4/20 in Los Angeles (again!)

Yes, I do realize that I am putting two Los Angeles shows one after the other. But this one deserves a spot on the list. On April 20, Carpenter played her first concert at the iconic Greek Theater in Los Angeles, California. Of course, since it was a monumental day, Carpenter celebrated the holiday by singing, “Was gonna throw some shade but that got vetoed / Does anybody have an extra pre-roll / ‘Cause it’s 4/20, it’s my f*cking Greek show!” And quite honestly, we love to see it.

Chicago, Chicago

i might be biased but i think this was the best nonsense outro yet #sabrinacarpenter #emailsicantsend #eicstour #chicago #fyp @Sabrina Carpenter

♬ Nonsense – Sabrina Carpenter

Another one of my favorite “Nonsense” outros involves the Windy City: Chicago. The outro for this iconic show was, “Water ain’t the only thing I swallow / I really wish I could play here tomorrow / My favorite city is Chicago,” causing fans in the audience to scream loud at the first sentence. It’s outros like these where I’m convinced that Carpenter truly is a lyrical genius, and also knows how to entertain her audience. We will always stan.

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