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Alix Earle’s ‘Interview’ Shoot Proves She’s Just Like Us (Kind Of)

Your favorite TikTok sensation is graduating soon: Alix Earle skyrocketed to social media stardom due to her lifestyle and travel vlogs. But IRL, the University of Miami student is set to switch the tassel on her graduation cap in less than a month. Although her Instagram gives followers views of her glamorous life as a beauty influencer, a day in her life around campus is lesser known. I mean the girl can’t always be on planes, right?

On April 19, Interview Magazine released an exclusive photoshoot with Earle that gave fans some insider info on her favorite things about college life in Miami. And let’s just say, Earle can make even gas stations look like five-star restaurants. 

It turns out even models with their own Amazon storefront hit up gas stations after a night out with friends (it isn’t just you!). Earle informed Interview that out of all the high-key places in Miami, one of her all-time favorites is the WaWa that opened up near campus. When she’s not downing Pinterest-worthy, post-workout smoothies, Earle is ending a night out on the town with some hearty WaWa chicken noodle soup or breakfast quesadillas. With platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it’s easy to look at an influencer like Earle and think their lives must be restricted to celery juice and kale. Earle’s taste for some midnight WaWa shows college viewers that you don’t have to cut carbs to be a beauty influencer. 


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Earle also snapped cute photos on her clothes-strewn bed saying that her house is one of her favorite places to hang out. Although Earle posts plenty of cute photos at boujee restaurants and bars in Miami with her besties, she admits that like other college girls, some of her best core memories take place on one of her roommate’s beds or in their shared kitchen. Even social butterflies require some relaxation at home. 

As a Miami student, one of her top places is of course a beach. Earle opts for the more lowkey Key Biscane. She likes that it’s less touristy, so she can just chill with her friends. From watching people’s lives unfold on their Instagram feed, you probably think that popular influencers like Earle are constantly go-go-going. But like anyone else, Earle enjoys simply sitting back, eating pizza, and just “hanging out” with her friends. “Days like that with your friends are the best, where you’re able to just hang out and be yourselves.” Earle told Interview. 

Next time you catch yourself playing the comparison game when scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, remember that at the end of the day, although glamorous, social media celebs like Alix Earle are people too, college students for that matter. Just like you, they eat sushi with their friends, use meal swipes at on-campus cafes, pull late study nights, and have downtime with their friends too. College students all seem to know it, but never remember it: social media is a highlight reel. It’s okay to be bored, order a late-night pizza, and spend a weekend in —  Alix Earle does too.

Ashlynn is a published poet who studies Religion and English at Southwestern University. On the off chance she isn't writing or burying her nose in another psychology book, she is probably eating sushi with her friends. She loves boba, doing yoga, and rummaging antique vinyl stores!