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the summer i turned pretty arcade/carnival scene
the summer i turned pretty arcade/carnival scene
Erika Doss/Prime Video
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5 ‘TSITP’ Plot Lines Fans Do *Not* Want To Happen In Season 3

Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty and We’ll Always Have Summer follow. The Season 2 finale of The Summer I Turned Pretty wrapped up its plotlines on what could be a pretty final note: Belly and Jeremiah are finally giving their relationship a fair chance, Conrad’s now the one who’s pining over Belly, Steven and Taylor are together, and Belly’s heading into senior year with a fresh attitude. Of course, the story isn’t over yet. TSITP is based on a series of three novels by Jenny Han. The first two seasons adapted the first and second books, so it follows that Season 3 will adapt the plot lines of the series’ final book, We’ll Always Have Summer.

Prime Video officially announced that TSITP is coming back for Season 3, so it’s time for Summer series fans to prepare for what they’ve been dreading: reliving the plot of We’ll Always Have Summer on the small screen. The show has made plenty of changes from the series in the past, so there’s still hope that it won’t engage with certain plotlines from the third book. Season 2 introduced new characters and storylines that may or may not come back for one last summer, and honestly? I wouldn’t be mad if some of them stayed away from Cousins. These potential Season 3 plot lines need a major revamp.

jeremiah cheating on belly

The idea of Jeremiah cheating on Belly is so out of character that typing those words together feels libelous. Unfortunately, it’s literally a canon event. In We’ll Always Have Summer, Belly confronts Jeremiah at a frat party (they’re in college now, BTW) and learns that he cheated on her with a girl named Lacie Barone during his frat’s spring break trip to Cabo. He cries and screams and throws up while justifying his mistake by reminding Belly that they were on a break that week. It’s all very Ross and Rachel.

Season 3 will obviously need to shake up Belly and Jere’s relationship, but I hope it won’t be a cheating scandal. I find it hard to believe that Jeremiah would throw away two seasons of writing the How To Be Down Bad textbook for a spring break hookup. Also, the thought of Taylor Swift’s “High Infidelity” playing during the confession scene is so cheesy, it makes me nauseous.

belly and jeremiah getting engaged
jeremiah and belly in the summer i turned pretty season 2
Erika Doss/Prime Video

So, after Jeremiah’s confession, he feels like he needs to make a grand gesture to prove his commitment to Belly. What could be grander than proposing… in her dorm room… with a ring he bought using his dad’s money? Real classy, Jere. 

My main problem with the engagement plotline isn’t how young the characters are; it’s that the proposal itself sounds more like an apology than a confession of love. Belly’s exactly the kind of whipped romantic who’d get married in college — for the right reason. Saying yes to Jeremiah because “if we just get through this storm, we will make it” doesn’t sound like a valid argument for a life-altering decision.

cam cameron and skye’s relationship

This pairing from Season 2 seems like the screenwriters threw darts on a board and happened to land on Cam and Skye’s names. Cam Cameron only shows up in the first Summer book. He was such a fan favorite in Season 1 that he was written into Season 2 as an arcade attendant. His kiss with Skye in Episode 6 leaves the door open for him to return in Season 3. However, that kiss was very much circumstantial. If everyone based their life around someone they kissed once at a party, the world would be in shambles. I’d be happy to welcome Cam back to Cousins next summer… if he’s single.


Every time Cleveland comes on screen, my brain automatically tunes him out. I think the random car sex scene in the first season traumatized me enough to pretend he doesn’t exist. There’s nothing objectively wrong with Cleveland: He’s a nice guy, and I like that he makes Laurel happy as a friend (and maybe even as something more). But let’s remember that TSITP is a teen romance show. I watch it for the teen romance, not the teens’ parents’ romance. Every moment spent on Cleveland is a moment that could have been spent on Conrad. Stick to the plot, folks!

belly and conrad’s epilogue
conrad and belly returning from the boardwalk in the summer i turned pretty season 2
Erika Doss/Prime Video

After 57 chapters of drama leading up to Belly and Jeremiah’s wedding, the ending of the third book gets summed up in a short epilogue. Even the story of what happens immediately after Belly and Jere choose to cancel their wedding is exactly one paragraph long. I’m not sure if Han’s computer crashed or if she thought 60 chapters would be three too many, but the ending feels incredibly rushed. How did Belly get from one Fisher-Conklin wedding to another? As a Conrad girlie, I want the show to give us more context to their happy ending.

Han’s been open about updating TSITP for a modern audience. I, for one, hope to see some serious updates to these plot lines in Season 3.

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