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Is Timothée Chalamet Only Hot In Motion?

I’ve had an opinion that I’ve been sitting on for a while out of fear that I’ll be crucified. But I’m done hiding. And I’m ready to speak my truth.

I don’t think Timothée Chalamet is hot… in photos.

But before you decide to discredit me as a journalist, let me explain.

Timothée Chalamet’s aesthetic was in full-force in a new video of him at the Dune premiere that had everyone on the internet clutching their pearls, including me. And it’s got me thinking.

It’s not that Timothée is ugly. I mean, the man’s cheekbones look like they’re chiseled from marble at the hands of Greco-Roman gods. By society’s beauty standards, he’s one of the most attractive people on paper — and that includes his attitude, the fact he speaks fluent French, and his wonderfully awkward and real sense of humor.

He’s a talented actor, too! His Oscar-nominated performance in Call Me By Your Name is proof that Timothée is an insanely gifted artist. Not to mention, his hilarious episode of Saturday Night Live is one to remember (we’re lookin’ at you, Guaplord and $mokecheddathaassgetta).

When I see still pictures of Timothée… I don’t feel anything.

However, when I see pictures of Timothée… I don’t feel anything. He’s pretty and has nice hair, but there’s nothing about a still photo of Timothée that really gets my gears all oiled up and ready to go. I could look at a plate of waffle fries and feel more in that moment.

That is, until I see a video of him in motion. Then, and only then, is it game over.

Whether it’s a GIF of him sucking on a lollipop in Hot Summer Nights, a short clip of him saying “good girl” in Lady Bird, or the entirety of his performance in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, there’s something about this man in motion that makes me blush and hit my feet together like a giddy little girl.

Typically, I only find men hot when their mouths are shut — long before they can spurt out offensive or stupid things that instantly make them unattractive. But for some reason, watching Timothée simply move (and speak) takes him from a mediocre “meh” to full-fledged heart eyes in just a few seconds.

To see him in motion adds a bit of dimension to the stone-cold, stoic model we see flooding our Pinterests.

Perhaps it has something to do with watching a man act on his passions. Given that he attended a performing arts high school and studied theatre for over a decade, it’s quite obvious that Timothée has a pure love for acting. And, along with acting in emotional and raw roles, it’s attractive to see a man in touch with his emotions, even if he’s just acting. It’s refreshingly hot to see a man profess his love for a woman, or even get emotional over losing their love. Maybe that’s why I fell a little bit in love after watching Little Women.

My hypothesis could also be chalked up to the fact that, when Timothée is in motion, it’s humanizing in a way. Like I said before, the guy looks perfect. Almost too perfect, which can be a bit off-putting to a gas station eight like me. But to see him in motion adds a bit of dimension to the stone-cold, stoic model we see flooding our Pinterests. There’s personality, there’s spice, there’s something more than the cold distance of a Getty Images red carpet photo.

And before you grab your pitchforks and go after me for focusing solely on Timmy, he’s not the only male celebrity from whom I’ve witnessed a photo-to-video hotness gap. Thanks to TikTok, people are thirsting after more underrated celebrities, like Dylan Arnold (You) and Barry Keoghan (Eternals), through fan edits. The red carpet photos of these men? Not making much of a splash. But take a look under the comment section of any video fan edit and you’ll be grasping for holy water — the ladies are in heat.

“Motion is sexy. … Action is a nonverbal way of expressing sexiness and swagger through movement.”

Luckily, Blanca Cobb, a body language expert, has an explanation for what I’m feeling.

“A common reason that women find male celebrities attractive when they’re acting or being interviewed is that they’re in motion, and motion is sexy,” Cobb tells Her Campus. “Think about it. Action is a nonverbal way of expressing sexiness and swagger through movement.”

Cobb also explains that motion helps to emphasize the features that are physically attractive to a person, thus making us feel a little more oomph than just looking at a standard photo.

“Movements can highlight certain muscles in a man’s body that draw attention,” she says, “particularly if the man knows what parts of his physique he wants to showcase and moves in a way that accentuates those muscles. Pair movement with certain looks and eye gazes and you’re creating desire. It’s quite hot!”

“Movements can highlight certain muscles in a man’s body that draw attention.”

Is Cobb saying that I find Timothée hot in motion because he knows exactly how to push my buttons? Maybe! I mean, have you seen the way his eyes looked me up and down through my TikTok screen?!

Obviously, I could never, and will never, pull Timothée Chalamet. Whether he’s in a still photograph or walking the red carpet in a video that makes me have heart palpitations, I am aware his bone structure is lightyears better than mine could ever be. But when Timothée puts that bone structure to work? Now that’s hot. Hello, *bones day!*


Blanca Cobb, Body Language Expert

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