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The “No Bones” TikTok Trend Has Creators Questioning Their Productivity

Did you wake up this morning with every intention of being productive, only to realize that today is just…not that day? Good news: In the “No Bones” TikTok trend, you have full permission to flop on your plans. You don’t have to go to work, you don’t have to start a new project, nor do you need to feel productive in the slightest. That’s right: according to Noodle, a 13-year-old pug who has taken TikTok by storm, it’s okay to have a “no bones” day where you simply don’t move your bones at all. If you woke up today and immediately wanted to sink back into your comfy bed, this is the TikTok trend for you.

The viral trend began when TikToker Jonathan Graziano (@jongraz) posted a video of his senior pug, Noodle, playing a game he likes to call “No Bones.” As you can see in the video, Noodle needs to go for a walk, but can’t seem to get up. And despite having many bones in his body, Noodle simply isn’t in the mood to use them. Since the initial video, Graziano has posted many TikToks with Noodle where he tests whether or not the pup will get out of bed, and in each, we see one of two hilarious outcomes: a “no bones” day — where clearly nothing is getting done — or a miraculous “bones” day, where Noodle stands proudly. Like Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day, TikTok is now turning to Noodles for guidance about whether they should seize the day or cancel everything and stay home.

While the “No Bones” TikTok trend can be interpreted in a variety of ways, most creators are highlighting moments when they’ve had either a “bones” day or “no bones” day in a witty, relatable fashion. For example, TikToker @georgiahroper says, “why is my medical school interview on a ‘no bones’ day?” and @lindsaycul wonders if she should even try going into work since Noodle isn’t feeling it. Ben shares tips for creating a “no bones day” budget, and a lieutenant colonel at the Pentagon even begins a meeting with, “I don’t know if it’s a ‘bones’ or a ‘no bones’ day, so let’s just get started.” 

Despite many TikTokers (myself included) experiencing one too many “no bones” days to count, there have been some positive “bones” days circulating the app. Creator @morgandrinkscoffee is hype for her barista job after Noodle predicts it’ll be a good day, and in one of my personal favorite versions, TikToker @emmalinechilds says, “Mercury may be in Gatorade, but the pug had bones. Let’s get this bread!” Once again, TikTok proves itself to be one of the brightest corners of the internet, and this time, we have Graziano and his charming senior pug to thank.  

If you’re ready to hop on this heartwarming trend at home, there are a few ways to get started. First, check out Graziano’s videos and the trending hashtag, #NoBones, — which has over 160 million views and counting — for inspiration. Then, think of a time when you experienced a “bones” or “no bones” day, and document it with a quick video. You can use Graziano’s trending audio here, which perfectly captures the essence of the trend, or you can follow in the footsteps of other TikTokers and use this sound along with the hashtag #NoBones. If you aren’t doing voiceover, be sure to add text overlay for context, and tag Graziano for more fun (and, of course, so Noodle can see). 

Whether you’re creating your own version of the trend or you’re just obsessed with Noodle trying his best every day, the “No Bones” TikTok trend will be sure to brighten your For You Page. Try the trend at home, and fingers crossed for a “bones” day where you accomplish everything you dream of. But if today is a flop, fear not — you will always have Noodle’s support.

Tianna was an Associate Editor at Her Campus Media HQ where she covers all things pop culture, entertainment, wellness, and TikTok trends. She graduated from North Carolina State University and received her masters from Columbia University. Tianna currently lives in New York City where you can find her sipping coffee, practicing yoga, and singing show tunes.