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tiffany and brett love is blind season 4
tiffany and brett love is blind season 4
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Fans May Have Found A *Major* Spoiler About Tiffany & Brett In The ‘LIB’ Reunion Trailer

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 ahead. While Season 4 of Love Is Blind has been the most drama-filled yet, we’ve all had one couple to reinforce the fact that love does, in fact, still exist. Away from the mean girl antics of Micah and her friends, the crazy Josh-Jackie-Marshall love triangle, and the whole Zack who will he choose saga, fan-favorite couple Tiffany and Brett have been entirely unproblematic this season. And I’m here for it.

From the instant they met in the pods, Tiffany and Brett formed a connection that led them to be the first engaged couple of the season. Their chemistry is undeniable, they’re both mature and dedicated to their careers, and both of them are unbothered by the drama surrounding them. And with a season as dramatic as this one, it’s been refreshing to have two people who are genuinely on the show for the right reasons.

With the altar just a few days away, many fans of the show are anxious to see which couples will say “I do.” While Tiffany and Brett seem to be as strong as can be, you never really know what can happen… remember Raven and SK? I shudder.

Then, on April 4, Netflix decided to twist the knife and announce that the Love Is Blind Season 4 reunion would be broadcasted live. It’s safe to say that the futures of all of these couples are entirely uncertain. Well, so we thought.

Eagle-eyes fans were able to spot a possible, but major, Tiffany and Brett spoiler in the trailer: a ring. It’s a total blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.


THE LOVE IS BLIND SEASON 4 REUNION WILL BE STREAMING LIVE on Sunday, April 16 at 8PM ET/5PM PT only on Netflix. LoveIsBlind

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Tiffany posted the trailer on her Instagram, and fans flooded the comments with support. However, the most popular comment at the top of the section reads, “One thing I do know …you wearing that ring! We love to see it!” Wait… what?!

I’ll let you relish in your short-lived excitement for a moment before I crush it. Upon further investigation, and an expertly-times pause, it appears that Tiffany is wearing a ring… on her middle finger. Hate to break it to you Sherlock, but it looks like Netflix isn’t letting anything slip.

It’s worth it to note, however, that Tiffany and Brett still follow each other on Instagram, and the two have both been posting stills of them from the show. We won’t know the true fate of the couple until the live reunion, but here’s to hoping that things are as lovely as they seem on IG.

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