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TikTok Is Writing Taylor Swift Songs About Travis Kelce & They’re Hilarious

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been rooting for the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship since the beginning. I really couldn’t tell you why, but I was hooked on this relationship the minute I saw Travis try to shoot his shot back in Missouri. Now I have new fuel to my obsession for the couple: Fans “writing” songs they think perfectly summarize the Taylor-Travis relationship. 

In case you missed it, the whole relationship rumor started in July when Kelce revealed he made a friendship bracelet for Swift with his phone number on it but failed to give it to her. 

News about the two was pretty dead throughout August, but the ship was revived in September when Kelce made an appearance on The PatMcAfee Show, where he was asked about the dating rumors between him and Swift. Kelce gave vague answers about their relationship and said the ball was in her court.

That takes us to now, after Swift recently attended the Chiefs-Bears game on Sept.24 and was seen chatting with Kelce’s mom. The game definitely confirmed everyone’s suspicions about the two and has fueled Swifties’ new desire to become songwriters themselves. And, I don’t know about you, but they sound pretty accurate to me.


I can feel Back to December 2.0 in the air…… in the crisp fall air ❤️ #taylorswifttraviskelce #traviskelce87 #taylorswift #taylortravis

♬ original sound – Frances Whitney

Oh yeah, the fact that this relationship is very much an autumn relationship? The songs are going to be perfect. 

We’d also love a little humor from Swift, because who doesn’t? If you’re a football fan already, this is your time to shine. 


Did I just write the theme song to a taylor Swift X Travis Kelce love story? I think yes!!! Did i just become a Swiftie-Chief… you bet! Either way, these lyrics are perfect for this. #lovesomebodyagain #taylorswift #traviskelce #taylorkelce #travisswift #chiefswiftie #swiftiechief #kansascitychiefs #capcut

♬ Love Somebody Again – Forest Blakk

The petition to make this their theme song is now signed by the Swifties. 

Maybe we’ll be back in our country era? A little Debut album inspiration? We love it. 

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