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Alissa Violet Calling Out Tana Mongeau While Defending Jason Nash In A TikTok Wasn’t On My 2024 Bingo Card

Y’all, there’s more influencer drama happening on TikTok, and this time, it’s between Tana Mongeau and Alissa Violet.

The drama began on July 6 when Mongeau posted a TikTok saying, “At least I’m not Jason Nash.” 

For some background info, Jason Nash used to be good friends with vlogger David Dobrik and a member of “The Vlog Squad.” During his time with “The Vlog Squad,” Nash was dating Trisha Paytas – a close friend of Tana – who has spoken out about how harmful their relationship was. Nash’s relevance declined when Dobrik seemed to shift the focus of his videos and began posting less often. Nash has grown rather infamous lately for going on TikTok Live to try and receive money from fans, with many finding his attempts to be desperate.

After Mongeau shared her video naming dropping Nash, Alissa Violet posted a now-deleted TikTok video, jumping to Nash’s defense. In the video, Violet said, “What’s not cool is to shame. You have a big girl podcast, wear some big girl pants…You have to be a good example. When did shaming become ok?” Violet went on to discuss how, unlike Mongeau, not everyone can earn money from OnlyFans, and that shaming a man for trying to make ends meet and providing for his family is not acceptable, reiterating that shaming is not ok.


Remember alissa a digital footprint is forever…you can’t wiggle your way out of this one😩 #tanamongeau #alissaviolet #jasonnash #trishapaytas #fyp #foryou @Tana Mongeau

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Tana’s friend and podcast co-host Brooke Schofield also shared her thoughts about this drama on TikTok. In her video, Schofield noted how, in the past, Violet sold clothes on Depop and “caused an online frenzy” by listing clothes, and in the description for the items, she’d write about “what happened in” the clothes.

Schofield described the hypocrisy of Violet’s anti-drama take by mentioning an instance when Violet name-dropped influencer Paige Lorenze in a clothing item’s description where she claimed the fellow influencer was trying to steal her boyfriend that night.

After watching both Mongeau and Violet’s videos, fans seem to be on Tana’s side, especially in regards to how infamous Jason Nash is for his questionable and harmful behavior in the past.

One commented on Schofield’s video, writing, “And this is the right take” with clapping emojis. Another user commented, “alissa violet is just as irrelevant as jason nash. who does she think she is?”

Many feel as though Violet’s video seemed to be an (albeit failed) attempt at holding onto relevance. Some comments on the repost of Violet’s deleted video read, “who is alissa” and “wait who even is this??” 

Many fans (I, included) are now awaiting the next episode of Brooke and Tana’s CANCELLED podcast where there’s a chance they could cover this drama, because who isn’t invested in all of this?

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