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The Zodiac Signs Of The ‘THTH’ Season 5 Cast Are A Recipe For Chaos

Besties, Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle is here and messier than ever. And to tell you the truth, I’m not complaining. This show is a beautiful, delightful, horny mess — and I live for every new season that comes out. Sorry, not sorry!

THTH follows a group of horny, hot reality show contestants who think they’re competing on a new reality dating show — think, Are You The One? or Love Island. However, there’s a massive twist: once you enter the island (which is full of conventionally attractive singles with the sex drives of rabbits), you’re not allowed to have any physical intimacy… including masturbation. If someone breaks the rules, money is deducted from a massive prize fund of $200,000. The rules are in place to help these singles learn to form meaningful and deep relationships with others, instead of engaging in meaningless sex and flings.

With any reality show cast, I always find myself wondering what everyone’s zodiac signs are. And, for my fellow astrology geeks, I know I’m not alone in digging for answers on social media. Luckily for you, I’ve rounded up the zodiac signs for the entire cast of Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle. Let me tell you, they’re scarily accurate — and this mix of the signs is a total recipe for chaos. (I love to see it.)

ALEX: Pisces

We’re not off to a great start. Just kidding! Pisces men actually aren’t as bad as everyone thinks (until they are). With Alex being a Pisces, we can expect him to be fun-loving, sensitive, and physically affectionate. However, Pisces men can be emotionally immature and, at times, clingy and overly emotional. Here’s to hoping that Alex can show off his Piscean energy, and open up to deep and meaningful connections.


Christine being a Taurus makes total sense, IMHO. Taurus women tend to be sensual, and have an alluring aura about them that makes them almost magnetic. Yet, Taurus women have a pattern of being closed off, stubborn, and self-indulgent. Christine definitely has the capabilities for a successful retreat, and I’m totally rooting for her.


The first sign energy is strong with this girl. Courtney has all of those firey, Leo vibes we know and love: she’s adventurous, passionate, and down for a good time. However, Leos have a pattern of being vain and possessive, which can definitely get them in trouble when it comes to love. Courtney does seem open to forming deep connections on the show, though, and I’m truly hoping she pulls through!

DRE: Cancer

Dre is a Cancer. But before you click away, not all Cancer men are overly emotional and (allegedly) manipulative — evolved Cancer men can be charismatic, empathetic, and caring. Judging by his energy and willingness to participate, I’m not alone in rooting for Dre to find love.


This one checks out: Elys is a textbook Leo. She’s confident, firey, and a sucker for a good time. However, she’s very closed off, which is a characteristic of the prideful Leo. While she’s at the retreat, I hope that she learns to put those walls to the side, and really let all of her fun, loving, Leo energy out!

Hannah: Virgo

Hannah is a Virgo woman, and she as all of that Earth sign energy to prove it. She’s sensual, funny, and ready for a good time. However, Virgo women also have a tendency to be a bit calculated and have an ends-justify-the-means mentality when it comes to their goals. But, Hannah has a great energy about her, and I can’t wait to see her evolve during her time on THTH!

HUNTER: Scorpio

If you know me, you know my ~thing~ with Scorpio men: I love them, and I hate it. It’s no surprise that the energetic and funny Hunter is a Scorpio. But beware! Scorpio men can have a tendency to be possessive, jealous, and overly emotional. Not only that, but they bottle their feelings up… until they explode. Hunter has been nothing but chill and easygoing so far, and I’m hoping he keeps up the good vibes.

ISAAC: Scorpio

Oh, Isaac. This man is a Scorpio, and I’ve been burned before by men just like him. Isaac has a super alluring energy, and is super sexually-charged. Despite his charisma, he has a huge mental block when it comes to opening up, which could hurt his future partners on the show and IRL. Isaac, don’t be afraid to open up! We’re on your side!

LOUIS: Unknown

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any confirmation on Louis’ zodiac sign. But, I’ll be sure to update once I find out more!


Megan is a total Pisces woman, through and through! She’s bubbly, energetic, and open to getting to know new people. Yet, Megan has already been shown to fall easy, and fall quick! From one Pisces to another, don’t let those emotions get in the way and overpower you — remember that everything happens for a reason, even heartbreak.

Yazmin: Pisces

Yazmin joined the season as one of the new arrivals, and she brought that Pisces energy with her. She’s flirtatious and sensual, but has expressed interest in forming deeper connections on the retreat. What can I say? I always root for my fellow Pisces girlies out there.

trey: Unknown

Finally, Trey is one of the new arrivals as well on THTH. However, I wasn’t able to find anything on his birthdate or zodiac sign. But, once I do, you’ll be the first to know. I promise.

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