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too hot to handle season 5 cast
too hot to handle season 5 cast
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Here’s Where You Can Follow The ‘THTH’ Season 5 Cast On Instagram

Your favorite dating game show has returned! That’s right. Too Hot to Handle returns for its fifth season on July 14, and I can tell from the teaser alone that it’s going to be a wild summer. The same can be said especially for the upcoming contestants, with the show featuring an all-new cast of 10 stunning and single twentysomethings, who are already showing their excitement for the season on Instagram. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, Too Hot to Handle is a Netflix reality dating show in which contestants search for love while battling for a cash prize. The catch is that they must remain celibate for the entire show in order to get the award. (Oh, and did I mention that they initially thought they were participating in a different reality show entirely before discovering the truth?) 

This season, the contestants believe they are on a show called Love Overboard, where they’ll be enjoying their stay on a yacht. However, after the truth is revealed and they realize what they are playing for, a new element is introduced: the cash reward, which has been doubled to $200,000!

With so many new components introduced this season, it’s only natural that my anticipation for the show is increasing. I’m particularly interested in the season’s cast members. Don’t worry, bestie, before you start insta-stalking, I’ve already done it for you! Let’s take a look at the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 cast — and especially peek into their Instagram profiles.

Alex: @alexsnelll

Alex, 28, is the first contender.  The London native currently works as a personal trainer based in the area. A brief glance at Alex’s Instagram shows that fitness is an important passion of his, as he has a highlight story dedicated to all things exercise.

Christine: @christineobanor

Christine, 26, is from Houston, Texas. The 6’1 beauty works as a fashion model. According to her Instagram bio, Christine is “the girl every man wants but can’t have.” I’m interested to see how Christine will play the game now that there’s an extra layer of competitiveness!

Courtney: @courtneykrandolph

Courtney is a 25-year-old Houston native and a multi-talented businesswoman. Courtney not only works as a model, but she is also a real estate agent. She additionally launched her own brand (@courtneyrandolphcollection) where she offers loc hair growth oil, a hairstyle that she currently rocks.

Dre: @drewoodard

Dre is a 23-year-old recent Clark Atlanta University graduate. He’s from Atlanta and, according to his Instagram profile, he’s an actor, model, and entrepreneur. Dre comes from a large family, being one of 13 siblings! His Instagram also reflects his passion in travel and fitness, with a variety of training videos and photographs of sightseeing.

Elys: @elys_hutchinson

Meet Elys, a 23-year-old Swiss model. According to her Instagram, @elys_hutchinson, she is also a ski instructor in the winter! According to SportsKeeda, Elys has been modeling since she was 13 years old. 

Hannah: @hannahbrooke

Meet Hannah, a triple threat. According to her Instagram profile, @hannahbrooke, she is a singer, actor, and model located in L.A. The 24-year-old beauty is recognized for having “the voice of an angel, dances like nobody’s watching (when everyone’s watching), and has been known to run rings around guys.” Hannah is definitely the one to watch this season!

Hunter: @itts_hunter

Hunter is a 24-year-old social media influencer from Arizona. If he radiates surfer-boy energy to you, it’s because he is one! His Instagram is full of photos of him traveling to various destinations. Hunter, unlike the other contenders, has two Instagram accounts: his main account @itts_hunter and a backup account @hunting_for_lonigro. His backup Instagram bio reads, “Welcome to my memory’s every picture on here had a story.”

ISAAC: @isaacfranciss

Issac, 24, wants Lana and the audience to know that he’s the “Ultimate USA Frat Boy,” born in Manchester but raised in New Jersey. Isaac is well-known for organizing parties at the Jersey Shore and splashing champagne bottles at New York bars. Aside from his partying ways, Isaac is also a banker and is signed with Wilhelmina Models New York.

LOUIS: @louis_russell

Louis appears to be one of the bolder members of the group based only on his Instagram bio. “They call me the menace,” it says in the caption. While we don’t know much about Louis right now or what that caption means, we do know that he is 22 years old and from Hampshire, England. He is not just a model with Forté Model Management in London, but he is also a semi-pro football player, as stated in the show’s trailer. If you want to see more of his modeling shots, then you have to check out his instagram, @louis_russell.

Megan: @meganthomsn

Last but not least, Megan is a 26-year-old from Cambridge, United Kingdom. Megan has interests in crystals, coffee, and Crocs (she’s just like me!), according to the Instagram bio on her account, @meganthomsn. She works as a personal assistant. She is also becoming popular on TikTok with the same username as her Instagram!

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