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The cast of Season 20 of \'The Bachelorette\'
The cast of Season 20 of \'The Bachelorette\'
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This ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Is An Aries & You Probably Know Exactly Who I’m Talking About

Season 20 of The Bachelorette is in full swing on ABC and it’s already as dramatic as always. This season is focused on Charity, who audiences loved during Season 27 of The Bachelor. And, in true Bachelor Nation fashion, there’s already been a ton of drama — and we all know there is only more to come.

The first two rounds of eliminations have happened (spoiler alert warning) and Charity’s dating pool has shrunk from 25 to 14. But, since almost all of these contestants have an interesting job, and their fair share of quirks, it’s no surprise that I wanted to learn more about them. Particularly, their relationship with the stars. IYKYK.

So, obviously, I did a little digging on all of the contestants’ social media (yes, all of them — eliminated or not) to figure out their birthdays and their star signs. (Yes, I am an astrology girlie and I need to know everyone’s signs all of the time, cry about it.) But, with a show like The Bachelorette, some base knowledge of the cast’s zodiac signs is good info to have as we all watch along to figure out if Charity’s love is written in the stars (she’s an Aries, BTW). Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Season 20 of The Bachelorette follow.

Aaron B.: Taurus 

This software salesman is a Taurus. His down-to-earth nature is literally written in the stars so it makes sense that he loves to read. He has admitted that he was in a long-term relationship before joining The Bachelorette, so we know that Taurus’s loyalty is strong within him. 

Aaron S.: Taurus

This cute firefighter, yes he is a real-life hero, is a Taurus. Being ruled by Venus, it makes sense that he is reliable and down-to-learn. The man literally goes to schools to teach kids about fire safety — did I just swoon?

Adrian: Taurus

The Taurus energy of this season is strong. We love a man who is into astrology, and Adrian announced himself as a Taurus in an Instagram post in 2020 with #TaurusSeason. He is a relator and a girl dad to an adorable toddler — big Taurus vibes, here.

Brayden: Aries

I called this one immediately. By now, Brayden is looking like a season favorite by Charity (and the villain of Season 20) and I completely get it — his Aries confidence shining through… and that kind of charm is blinding. This Army veteran and current travel nurse is passionate about everything, especially his dog. It’s no wonder he got the first rose, especially since Charity is an Aries herself!

Caleb A.: Virgo

This resident physician is a Virgo through and through with humility and practicality shining through as he admitted he loves picnics. When he isn’t working, he likes to hike and have movie nights — simple and classic, a total Virgo move. 

Caleb B.: Taurus

Caleb, known to WWE fans as Kale Dixon, is another Taurus. It makes tons of sense that he is hard-working since he played football, and baseball, and was a swimmer throughout high school and college. 

Chris: Virgo

You would think this Virgo would be observant, but Chris would rather be jumping around himself, as a two-time Guinness Book of World Record holder for his jumping. 

Dotun: Leo

This Leo fits all of the Leo traits perfectly, pay attention a Leo has arrived. Dotun has that Leo passion, looking for a forever love that is full of adventure. 

James: Pisces

This attorney being a Pisces makes so much sense to me, his sensitive side really showed when he gifted Charity homemade apple cider from the apple farm he grew up on in Indiana. Combine that Midwestern charm with the sweet sensitivity of this water sign for one big swoon. 

Joey: Gemini

The duality of Geminis really shines through Joey’s personality. Governed by Mercury, Joey is a tennis pro living in Hawaii but also loves star gazing — showing love for both adventure and peace. We love to see it. 

Joe M.: Sagittarius

This Sagittarius has all of the extroverted happiness and some Midwestern charm. Obviously, he loves EDM festivals, he is an outgoing Sag, but he is also a plant daddy — a big swoon.

John B.: Libra

No, not John B. from Outer Banks, this John B. is from NYC. Having traveled to five continents and lover of trying new restaurants, it makes tons of sense that John is an extroverted Libra. He definitely has the balance sought by Libras, since you can either find him learning a new TikTok dance or re-reading Harry Potter. 

John Henry: Taurus

As an underwater welder (a bold career choice, TBH), John is the definition of reliable, and it makes sense because he is a Taurus. Governed by Venus, it makes sense that Josh is so down-to-earth. NGL, I’m pretty sad he went home so early, but here’s to hoping we see him on Bachelor In Paradise!

Josh: Libra

Another King of Balance, this Libra loves national parks and speakeasies. Josh is outgoing and kind, especially since he took time off of his grad school education at Harvard to build affordable housing through an international non-profit. 

Kaleb: Leo

Confidence is key for this Leo. Not only is he a former football player for Auburn (which was also Charity’s alma mater) but he also dreams of being able to travel to South Korea to learn about his family heritage. 

Khalid: Leo

This tech recruiter is a big fan of working out and it shows on his Instagram, which makes lots of sense since he is a Leo. He loves listening to SZA (who doesn’t) and hopes to own a farm one day.

Michael: Aries

Passion definitely oozes off this yacht captain, who is hopeful to be able to spoil his future wife daily. His Aries confidence allows him to take control of these boats and have fun on adventures while traveling. 

Nic: Pisces

This Pisces is definitely compassionate and loves to cook for other people. He is an Army veteran and loves to travel. 

Sean: Taurus

Yet another Taurus, this bull sure is loyal, especially to his French Bulldog named Bane. When he isn’t hanging with his favorite four-legged friend, going to Taylor Swift concerts, or golfing, you can find him eating chocolate chip cookies with whole milk. (Is this an ick in 2023?)

Spencer: Sagittarius

OK, I challenge you to find a man with more Sagittarius traits than Spencer: Generous truly is this man’s middle name as a single dad — he even made kombucha for his mom from scratch for Mother’s Day once.

Tanner: Pisces

TBH, I am not surprised that Tanner is a Pisces: This man is not only a fitness instructor but also a big dog lover, the definition of creative and empathetic. (P.S. his happy place is wherever there are golden retrievers — I am obsessed.)

Taylor: Sagittarius

This self-described goofball is obviously a Sagittarius, with an outgoing and cheerful spirit. Governed by Jupiter, he has Sag faithfulness and plans on surprising his future wife with breakfast in bed whenever possible. 

Peter: Virgo

Pilots named Peter… does this show have a pattern? While he didn’t last very long on the show, it’s no surprise Peter is a Virgo with practicality and lots of loyalty: He shared he is a man of faith and trusts his wife is out there somewhere. Fly to her, Peter!

Warwick: Gemini

Classic Gemini vibes happening over here — Warwick comes across as a little shy, and once he warms up, he’s sure to be bold and loving.

Xavier: Virgo

This Virgo front-runner definitely has the practicality of being governed by Mercury — he once built his own computer to play video games! He also has that Virgo humility, and explained he is just looking for a love like his parents (insert heart eye emoji here).  

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