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This Is Who’s Racking Up A Bill On ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 5

If you know me, then you’d know that Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle is one of my favorite reality shows of all time. I love the messiness, the drama, and all of those self-love workshops in between. Call me naive, but I seriously think this show helps (some) cast members on their journey to emotional maturity — and if that’s me being optimistic, then let me have my moment, OK?

If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of Too Hot To Handle, I’ll let you in on the tea. The show features a cast of extremely hot, and extremely horny, people who think they’re competing on a Love Island-esque show. However, it’s revealed that they’re actually on a relationship-building retreat, designed to help them form connections without meaningless sex and island flings. The biggest gag? They can’t kiss, have sex, or have any physical intimacy. And if they do? Nothing big — just a couple thousand dollars gets deducted from a massive $200,000 prize fund.

Naturally, people are bound to break the rules. And every season, I find myself looking back on the episodes, trying to figure out who broke what rule, and how much money it cost. So, in honor of Season 5, I’m keeping track of all of the rule breaks, and cash spent, on Too Hot To Handle. Someone better call me a banker.

Hunter & elys: Kiss, $6,000

On night one, Hunter and Elys kiss in bed in the second episode. Seriously, do these people not realize Lana can see everything?

Hunter & Elyse: Kiss, $6,000

Hunter and Elys kiss again on the beach… this time in broad daylight!

Louis & Hannah, Courtney & Isaac: Kiss, $24,000

In the name of a “pact,” Louis and Isaac thought it would be a good idea to simultaneously kiss their partners, so nobody would be the first person to blame for a rule break. Little did they know, Hunter and Elys had already broken the rules twice. IMHO, it doesn’t make their plan any less stupid.

Louis & Christine: kiss, $6,000

After already kissing Hannah, Louis met Christine on the beach and kissed her. Yikes.

Hannah & Louis: Kiss, $6,000

Then, Louis crawled back into bed with Hannah and broke another rule. Y’all, I told you — this show is so delightfully messy.

Courtney & Isaac: Kiss, $6,000

Late at night, Courtney and Isaac kissed after a “romantic” moment at a bonfire. This guy is a total player, TBH. #JusticeForCourtney

So, after the end of episode 4, the group has lost a collective $54,000… dropping the prize fund down to $146,000. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m sure this is the horniest cast yet.

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