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Pregnant Beyoncé’s Workout Is Still More Intense Than Yours

Although she’s pregnant with twins, Beyoncé has maintained a solid workout routine that puts ours to shame. The struggle is real for us mere mortals.

According to Us Weekly, Queen Bey’s go-to workout obsession is SoulCycle. If this doesn’t inspire fitness goals, then I don’t know what will. Sign me up now.


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Beyoncé also brings a plus one to her workouts—Jay Z accompanies her to classes, but their attendance is strictly on the DL. The pair reportedly sneak into sessions and leave before everyone else has finished.

Being pregnant hasn’t slowed down Beyoncé’s game, but we’re *literally* sweating just thinking about how intense it would be to follow her workout regimen. I can’t even do five pushups without collapsing in defeat. Let’s be real, “slay all day” clearly refers to Queen Bee.