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love is blind cast reunion
love is blind cast reunion
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The Internet Literally Made A Petition To Remove Nick & Vanessa Lachey As ‘LIB’ Hosts After That Reunion Flop

Love is blind… and apparently not just to the contestants. If you’ve been on Twitter in the past 24 hours, you’ve probably seen a whole lot of backlash about the popular Netflix show’s Love Is Blind hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey. 

On Sunday, April 16, Netflix attempted to host a live-streamed reunion for the show’s fourth season. And as you’ve probably already heard from all the angry tweeters, there was a massive delay. Whether it was from the impatience of waiting for the live stream to work, hangriness, or leftover beef from previous season drama, it seems that fans have had it out for the Lacheys for a while. 

After hours of antsy viewers apparently “breaking the internet” (according to Vanessa), Netflix tweeted that the reunion would no longer be streamed live and would be uploaded to Netflix ASAP. Anticipatory fans finally got to quench their thirst for tea the next day, and believe me, this tea was hot. But where the reunion really got juicy is when LIB fans started voicing their distaste for the current hosts. Fans will not be content with a simple Twitter bash of the apparently cringy couple; LIB supporters want this couple overthrown–so much so that they started a petition. 

The anti-Lachey movement didn’t come out of left field. Fans believe that the Lacheys are biased, more so Vanessa than Nick. Her Campus reached out to the Lachey’s team for comment, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Fans want their recompensation for the disaster of a live stream, preferably in the form of never having to see Vanessa Lachey host again. 

It’s clear that Love Is Blind supporters enjoy good ethics. They don’t want a host that likes to stir the pot, especially if it’s Vanessa. Fans are outraged because they believe that at the least, a host should be unbiased. This is a crucial ethical guideline that they are apparently willing to fight for.

One particularly inflamed fan, Libby Cross, started a petition on Change.org to Netflix in an effort to change the LIB hosts for the upcoming seasons. As of April 19, this petition has amassed over 20,000 signatures, with the goal of reaching 25,000 signatures. IMHO, there’s no doubt the petition will reach that amount in the next 48 hours. 

You might be thinking, “Well wait… then who will host the show if the Lacheys are removed?” Don’t worry, the avid LIB fans have a plan for that too. While voicing their desire for the Lacheys to be removed as hosts, supporters have also spoken on who they want to see host the next season: Season One’s Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton

This couple has been a fan favorite since Season 1. They got married after the first season and are still going strong. Fans are raving over their cute chemistry and matching suits they debuted on Instagram in March. 

It seems like fans want to see the rise of the “common man.” This fan points out that Cameron and Lauren are straight from the pods, so there’s no one that knows the ins and outs of the show better than they do. 

While supporters love the couple because of their authenticity, cuteness, and overall niceness, some fans want to see some hosts that are cutthroat, although this is not the popular view. 

Although fans don’t know who will end up hosting the show, one thing is for certain, Netflix needs to get the Lacheys out of there. If not for the millions of viewers, then for the sake of the Lacheys’ mental health.

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