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These Olivia Rodrigo Halloween Costume Ideas Are Simple, Yet So Cute

Hallo-weekend will be here before you know it so don’t let midterms distract you from picking out the perfect costume. Pop culture went off in 2023 which means you have plenty of options for a timely look — whether you’re feeling like reliving Barbie summer or embracing the Midnights era

Now, personally, I’ve been playing GUTS on repeat since the album dropped on Sept. 8, so an Olivia Rodrigo-themed look may be the way to go this October. Since her debut, Miss Rodrigo has rocked the stage and proverbial runway. Her outfits from her “drivers license” single all the way up to her most recent VMAs performance have absolutely served. (Let’s not forget that she starred in Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series with he-who-shall-not-be-named.) 

Her 90s grunge makeup and purple wardrobe are the perfect recipe for a trendy, simple costume. You can make it your own and simplify things by just grabbing stickers from the store to recreate the SOUR album cover or you can go crazy and find the exact dress she wore for the SOUR prom.

Without any further ado, here are my top five Olivia Rodrigo Halloween costumes you can try out this spooky season. 

Copy Rodrigo’s “good 4 u” cheerleader Outfit.

Black latex gloves are a must for this fit. (Up to your elbow, obvi.) These might be a tad harder to find without using Amazon since most kiosks or malls don’t have them lying around. Just make sure to order soon so they arrive in time for your Halloween party. As for the blue cheer dress, check out your local Spirit Halloween or run back over to Amazon to scrounge up an almost-identical look

Match Rodrigo’s presidential plaid Look.

Remember when Rodrigo graced the White House with her presence? Back in 2021, she was visiting U.S. President Joe Biden to encourage Americans to get vaccinated. During her campaign (get it?) she wore a knock-out, vintage Chanel suit. Jackie Kennedy wore the very same suit back in her day. Rather than dropping almost $600 to get this look, you can check out Revolve or Nordstrom for some budget-friendly dupes. 

Show off your love for SOUR.

The SOUR album cover was iconic, to say the least. We’ve all seen the tongue-out, deadpan stare, stickered up look Rodrigo sported for her debut. This look comes with a much cheaper price tag than her other memorable fashion moments. Run to Dollar Tree or Target to pick up a pack of stickers then throw on your best denim shorts and a baby pink crop top –– and voilà, you’re done! 

Find Vintage pieces to dress up as Nini.

Before we had “deja vu” and “get him back!” we had “All I Want” and “All I’ve Been Looking For.” These two hits from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series launched Rodrigo’s singing career and were her last hurrah during her acting journey. In the show, she starred as Nini alongside Joshua Bassett’s character Richard. The Nini aesthetic is a Disney throwback and calls for a skilled thrifter to piece together the perfect 2010s look. 

Transform into the SOUR prom queen.

Rodrigo’s SOUR prom look consisted of two dresses, one pink and one blue. Both offer options for the girlies who want to go for the unhinged drama queen vibe (pink dress) and the babes who want to flaunt their figures and give off fierce energy (blue dress). 

Run to Target and grab what you need to get your costume together before Halloween hits. If you’re like me, then make sure to blast “ballad of a homeschool girl” on your way to the store where you’ll buy way more than you need. 

Happy Halloween, besties!

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