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These Olivia Rodrigo ‘GUTS’ Lyrics For Instagram Captions Are Killer

Olivia Rodrigo has done it again. The 20-year-old artist’s new album, GUTS, was released on Sept. 8 and fans are already obsessed with the infamous bridges and lyrics. After releasing her single “Vampire” on June 30, fans couldn’t wait for what was to come. A few weeks later, her promotional single “Bad Idea Right?” came out on Aug. 11 and went viral on TikTok. The 12-track album included titles such as “Logical” and “Get him back!” which just screams high school. The lyrics to the songs are great, too, which makes them perfect for Instagram captions.

Olivia is known for writing deep lyrics that are relevant towards her life, whether it’s about a specific day in her career or someone’s favorite ice cream in Malibu. She’s got it all. Olivia’s sophomore album gives fans all the dirt and stories about her life, leaving us with words of wisdom to put alongside your pics as Instagram Captions. So, I’m here to give you the content you need for your Instagram feed. With every new album comes with reliving old feelings, but don’t forget the usage of new captions. Remember when SZA’s “good days on my mind” was everyone’s caption on Instagram in 2022? Let’s do a deep dive into GUTS so you can have the best Instagram captions of 2023. 

From “All-American B*Tch”

I’ve got sun in my motherf*ckin’ pocket, best believe

Got what you can’t resist

I know my place and this is it 

I’m sexy and i’m kind, I’m pretty when I cry

From “Bad Idea Right?”

Can’t hear my thoughts

From “Lacy”

Skin like puff pastry

Sweetest thing on this side

Eyes white as daisies

From “Ballad Of A Homeschooled Girl”

Don’t let me be out at night

From “Making The Bed”

Want it, so I got it, did it, so it’s done

Another day pretendin’ I’m older than I am

From “Logical”

Love is never logical

From “Love Is Embarrassing”

You found a new version of me

From “Pretty Isn’t Pretty”

You can win the battle, But you’ll never win the war

From “Teenage Dream”

It gets better the more you grow

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