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I’m Obsessed With These ‘Barbie’ Halloween Costume Ideas For Groups

We all know Barbie costumes are going to take center stage this Halloween, after the movie smashed box office records and established itself as a cultural phenomenon. If you’re dressing up as a group this year, Barbie offers plenty of inspiration for group or trio Halloween costumes in 2023. Even looks you might consider a one-person or couple costume, like Barbie’s cowgirl look, can be turned into a group costume by wearing different colors and styles.

These group costumes aren’t limited by numbers, or even gender. Kens and Barbies alike have room to be creative with their outfit ideas while still working within a group theme. This also makes it easy for larger groups to dress up in Barbie-inspired costumes. If you’re going on a double or triple date, it would be fun to match Barbies and Kens in couples costumes like the iconic neon rollerblading outfits worn by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. For simpler group costumes, consider customizing or ordering “I Am Kenough” or “This Barbie Is” T-shirts.

In the end, all you need are bright colors, positive mindsets, and a little creative thinking. As a starting off point, here are seven Barbie group costume ideas your friend group can wear for Halloween 2023. 

Cowgirl Barbies
margot robbie in a barbie movie
Warner Bros

Margot Robbie rules the streets of LA in Barbie with her pink cowboy outfit. It’s an easy look to recreate when all you need is a bandana ($15), cowgirl hat, and cowgirl boots ($44) to match an outfit set of flared pants ($58) and a matching vest. Sites like Spirit Halloween even sell the full set ($60). Each cowgirl in your group could dress up in a different color! Of course, Kens can dress up similarly in cowboy hats and pink bandanas.

Pink jumpsuit Barbies

The Barbies going on a mission to take back Barbieland is arguably one of the best scenes in Barbie, and the pink jumpsuits they wear are adorable. Also, it’s time to retire orange inmate jumpsuit costumes. What better way to replace those than with pink jumpsuits ($40) for your girl gang?

Beach Day Barbies
barbie movie
Warner Bros

If you don’t all want to match completely, consider recreating the cute beach day looks that different Barbies wear. Go with Barbie’s nautical vest, pink gingham dress ($40), or any brightly colored outfit set. Add sunglasses and a visor ($25) to complete each look!

Disco Barbies

You’ll be playing Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night” all night long if you dress up in the glittery outfits from Barbie’s famous dance scene. With matching jumpsuits for the Kens and an array of sparkling disco sets for the Barbies, this group costume is perfect for larger groups. Here is a cute disco jumpsuit ($36) to try.

Professional Barbies
HARI NEF as Barbie, ALEXANDRA SHIPP as Barbie, SHARON ROONEY as Barbie, ANA CRUZ KAYNE as Barbie and EMMA MACKEY as Barbie in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “BARBIE,”
Warner Bros

One of the major themes in Barbie is that Barbies can do anything. They run every profession in Barbieland. From president to doctor, there’s so much opportunity for a great group costume with lots of girl power. A Barbie president sash ($20) makes for an easy costume over an outfit you may already own!

Neon rollerblading Barbies
barbie movie behind the scenes 0010?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

Nobody will lose each other in the dark on Halloween night if you dress up from Barbie and Ken’s rollerblading scene in Barbie. You could go to a Halloween party as a double date with another couple, or grab all your friends to form a neon rollerblading gang! Grab a pair of neon knee pads ($11), a neon bodysuit ($25), and a matching visor ($18)!

This Barbie Is…

Barbie is also widely known for its “This Barbie Is” marketing posters, which quickly became a viral meme. A fun way to DIY your group costumes is to have everyone choose a “This Barbie Is…” based on their personalities, careers, or inside jokes. Try creating customized T-shirts, or keep it simple with matching “This Barbie Is” ($16) or “I Am Kenough” ($23) T-shirts.

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