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Joe Jonas’ Birth Chart Actually Makes *A Ton* Of Sense, Y’all

Growing up, I adored listening to the Jonas Brothers and watching Jonas on the Disney Channel. (Where are my fangirls at?) Frontman Joe Jonas, who is the middle child of the bunch, gained the most attention with his confidence, swagger, and charming personality. And that comes naturally to him — and Joe Jonas’ birth chart definitely explains it all.

Recently, the 32-year-old singer filed for a divorce from his wife of four years, Sophie Turner, and I will admit — the two seemed to have a picture-perfect relationship, and even had two kids together. Despite the (gross) narrative of Turner being a “party girl,” it is best to say that these two have been keeping themselves professional since the announcement came out. But for the astrology fans out there, many of us have been looking at Joe Jonas’ birth chart for some sort of clue from the stars as to what went wrong.

So, I took the liberty of researching Joe Jonas’ birth chart to find out more about the former Disney star. And let me tell you, the stars reveal a lot about the Jonas Brothers frontman. If you’re interested in finding out more about his birth chart, then keep reading to feast your mind on a surprise.  

Joe Jonas is a Leo.

The energy that Joe showcases in his performances strongly proves that he is, without a doubt, a Leo sun. People who are born Leos are energetic, passionate, and kind-hearted. Leos are also known as “big romantics”, meaning that they go all out when it comes to their loved ones. 

Though Leos have many positive traits, we can’t ignore the negative traits. Some things to look out for when it comes to Leos are jealousy and possessiveness. So, if you end up dating a Leo, make sure that the negative traits don’t overshadow the positive traits.

His moon is in Aquarius.

Fun fact: Jonas was born on a “full moon”. And, as an Aquarius moon, Jonas isn’t afraid to showcase his relationships and maintain great chemistry with his partners. Interestingly enough, Aquarius moons are widely known to be independent, as they like to think more of their inner self and they are actively dedicated to humanitarianism.

His Venus is in Virgo.

For this one, it’s very different from the others, so far. A Virgo Venus is focused on consistency and applies it to their everyday life. They focus on the more practical aspects of their lives, which they use to express their love. They are also known to be less involved in anything related to drama. 

His Mercury is in Leo. 

Back at it again with Leo! A Leo Mercury is someone who is intelligent, a prolific public speaker, and carries a bold persona within themselves. Leo Mercuries are also known to be highly talented in different fields, such as music, dance, and acting. It’s safe to say that Leo Mercuries are no strangers to making their voices heard. 

What signs are compatible with Leos?

So, if you’re wondering if you’ll ever be matched with a Leo like Joe, look no further.

Leo’s most compatible relationships are with fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, as well as with air signs Libras, Gemini, and Aquarius. If a Leo were to be paired with another fire sign, it would create amazing chemistry that would match their “heat” for each other. If a Leo were to be paired with an air sign, the dynamic within the relationship could work out well based on the shared respect for one another. 

As a Libra myself, this gives me hope to find my own Joe, or any Leo, really. To my earth and water signs, do not freak out! In some ways, a Leo could go well with a Virgo, as long as you don’t dampen the fire of its fire. If you’re a Pisces, it’s a safe bet to make sure your feelings don’t get hurt by Leo’s heat. 

But, hey, anybody could be compatible with their celebrity crush!

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