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Are Jawahir & Nick From ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Still Together?

Well, bestie, Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle has come to a close. And the questions on everyone’s minds (besides how much money did they spend this entire season?!) are all about who made it out of the finale as a couple, and if they’re still together in the real world.

ICYMI: Too Hot To Handle is a show that challenges singles to make long-lasting, emotional connections beyond just physical attraction. This means that most forms of physical touch, namely those that are ~sexually charged~, are forbidden. And, if you break the rules, money is deducted from a $200,000 prize fund. And while a lot of contestants find fame and influence after the show, others actually make it off of the island as a serious couple. Does Too Hot To Handle have a better track record than, like, Love Is Blind at this point?

Three couples left the beach as established duos: Kayla and Seb, James and Brittan, and (my favorite) Nick and Jawahir. So, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been scouring the internet for clues to see if these pairings lasted past the show. Especially Nick and Jawahir, no shame.

Nick and Jawahir were a couple from the start — an astrologically compatible couple at that. As soon as Jawahir hit the beach, Nick instantly set his sights on her — and they didn’t waver at all throughout the season. While the two did break a couple of rules, they remained solid until Shawn, a new arrival, came to the beach. Jawahir quickly found herself in the middle of a love triangle between the two (big Aquarius energy), even breaking things off with Nick in order to explore her connection with Shawn.

Ultimately, however, Jawahir chose to pursue Nick. And, in the finale, the two seemed absolutely smitten. This leaves us all wondering: Are they still together?

I hate to break your heart, but things aren’t looking too hot between this couple. For starters, Nick actually doesn’t follow Jawahir back on Instagram — although she follows and interacts with his content often. And while Nick doesn’t exactly keep up with other cast members, it is strange that he doesn’t follow the person he left the beach with. Additionally, while we already know that Nick is an emotional guy, the long-winded, poetic captions on his Instagram posts aren’t exactly the signal of a man in the midst of cuffing season. Gulp.

Much like Seb and Kayla, we’re mostly left in the dark about the status of this couple. However, I’ll be sure to let you know if they hard-launch (or even soft-launch, at this point) their relationship any time soon. Here’s to hoping!

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