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This ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Cast Member Is A Scorpio & It Explains A Lot

On Dec. 7, Too Hot To Handle returned to Netflix with the first five episodes of Season 4. And besties, I’m already way too invested in this season. The Season 4 cast is already running up quite the tab by breaking (almost) every rule in the book. It’s kind of like a trainwreck — I can’t look away.

Season 4’s cast is full of hotties, obviously. Naturally, I spent the entirety of the first episode tracking down every one of the cast members on social media — but not for the reasons you may think. And while the Season 4 cast’s Instagrams gave me better insight into what their “real life” is like, it also let me in on some other valuable information: their zodiac signs.

Call me a crazy astrology freak, but I have a need to know everyone’s zodiac signs at all times. Not only does this give me ammunition to judge them (did I say that out loud?), but it also allows me to dig a little deeper into who they really are: their personality, how they process emotions, and even how they are in relationships. Which, in a show like Too Hot To Handle, can be very telling.

For the astro girlies out there, I got you covered. I went on a deep-dive through the cast of Season 4’s Instagrams and dug up the dirt on (mostly) everyone’s zodiac signs. Believe it or not, this checks out.

Brittan: Virgo

According to Brittan’s Instagram, she was born on Aug. 28 — making her a Virgo! This season, Brittan is known for having a witty and dry sense of humor, which is definitely textbook Virgo. Plus, this can explain the disconnect between herself and James. But, more on that later.

Creed: Cancer

This took some intense investigating — but I can confirm (via a 2014 Instagram post from a friend) that Creed was born on July 22. In Western astrology, this makes him a Cancer — which means that he’s sensitive and emotional, but with a bit of a naughty side. Creed is definitely one of the more shy guys in the cast, so the whole Cancer sun thing really checks out.

Dominique: Scorpio

Queen Dominique! This baddie is a Scorpio, which definitely checks out. Born on Nov. 11, Dominique embodies that passionate, intense energy that Scorpios are known for. She’s honest, bold, and not afraid to express how she’s feeling… especially when it comes to losing money.

James: Aquarius

James is the money-watcher of Season 4, so his Aquarius sun makes absolute sense. He was born on Feb. 18, and he embodies a lot of the qualities of an Aquarius man: he’s not exactly the most emotional, approaches things with a logical mindset (especially finances), and can be a bit aloof at times. Plus, Brittan is a Virgo, which explains the rockiness in their relationship.

Jawahir: Aquarius

Like James, Jawahir is an Aquarius sun. While Aquarians are known for being logical, they also have a naughty side… especially in the bedroom. (Jawahir did break the most rules at the beginning of the show!) Additionally, in episode 5, Jawahir opened up about her emotional detachment, which is one of Aquarius’ bad habits. But, by getting vulnerable, Jawahir really made us love her for the unique person she is!

Kayla: Libra

Kayla is this season’s “hot commodity”, so her Libra sun makes a lot of sense. Libras are known for their flirty nature, but they’re also ruled by Venus — which is said to make them exude attractive energy. She was born on Oct. 12 — and her birthday fit was fire, BTW.

Nick: Capricorn

From the get-go, we learn that Nick is a man of many talents. He’s an artist, model, musician, spiritual-guru… only a Capricorn man can balance so many jobs at once.

Nigel: Scorpio

I didn’t even need to dig to find this one — Nigel says it repeatedly in episode 1. He even uses zodiac talk as a pick-up line, which is probably the most Scorpio thing ever. He’s horny, passionate, intense, and a textbook Scorpio man.

Seb: Capricorn

According to Seb’s father’s Instagram, he is a Capricorn! Makes sense: his entire Instagram is dedicated to his career.

Sophie: Unknown

I searched far and wide for Sophie’s birthday, but haven’t found anything! If I were to guess, this girl gives off big Pisces energy.

Ethan: UNknown

As one of the newcomers to the beach, not much is known about Ethan. But, if I’m making assumptions, my bet is on Gemini.

Flavia: Leo

Finally, Flavia is another newcomer to the beach, and she’s a Leo! Flavia is confident, bubbly, and just exudes fire sign energy. So, it makes sense that the male cast members are vying for her attention!

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