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The Internet Is Divided On If Chappell Roan Is An Industry Plant

Chappell Roan’s popularity has been rapidly growing, especially on TikTok. I mean who isn’t doing the “HOT TO GO!” dance every chance they get? Chappell has it all — catchy songs to dance to, sad songs to cry to, and angry songs to scream to. Not many artists have the effect that Chappell so effortlessly has. 

But due to her soaring popularity, many have begun to label her as an “industry plant.” To simply put it, the running theory is that Chappell is only popular because of a large label/industry push that is being masqueraded as homegrown talent.

Many are speculating this because of just how fast her rise to fame was. For example, this can be seen in the “recommended for you” part of Spotify where songs are selected at random based on your listening activity. Some have noticed that after an album, song, or playlist comes to an end, a Chappell Roan song plays as the first recommendation. Algorithm or industry plant? My bet is on the former.

Many are (rightfully) clapping back at this allegation. Since Chappell Roan has been an opener on Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts Tour, it totally makes sense that her popularity has grown. Since then, her songs have gone viral on TikTok and been used in trends, such as her song “Casual.” Chappell also had a popular NPR tiny desk concert (which has garnered over 3 million views) that many believe skyrocketed her to fame as it showcased her raw vocals and captivating stage presence. 

Since the running industry plant theory began making its rounds on the internet, fans have been jumping to Chappell’s defense on X, formerly Twitter, and I’m all for it.


An industry plant are the people booking tours that can’t sell 50% of the venue, not the artists selling out massive stages #chappellroan #industryplant

♬ original sound – Confused Albatross

Twitter is so foolish, not every female artist that gets famous is an industry plant 😭 #chappellroan

♬ Good Luck Babe – relatetomusic

It’s evident that Chappell Roan has worked hard to be where she is now. Though she began in small venues, she is finally getting the recognition she so deserves, as she’s now performing at huge festivals where she brings in *huge* crowds.

I, for one, will continue to defend Chappell Roan against the industry plant rumors because TBH, she’s far from one. 

Amanda is a sophomore Writing and Rhetoric major with a Creative Writing minor at James Madison University. Amanda is the current Entertainment & Culture Summer Intern at Her Campus Media, writing about all things pop culture! Amanda loves binge-watching reality TV, drinking iced lattes, cuddling cats, reading romance and thriller novels, and listening to music (Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, Gracie Abrams, and Olivia Rodrigo mostly). Ultimately, Amanda wishes to pursue a career involving writing, reading, editing, or publishing.