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We *Finally* Found Out Francesca Stugot’s Real Name

You know her, you love her: Long brown hair, big boobs, skinny waist… it’s Francesca! Francesca Stugot!

Not, I’m not talking about Francesca from The Perfect Match. I don’t know about y’all, but my FYP has been full of the viral phenomenon that is Francesca Stugot (or, lovingly, Franny Stuggs) for the past several months. However, if you’re not familiar with the trend, I’ll give you the lowdown: Francesca Stugot is a TikTok user that calls college-age boys and convinces them that they had met before and that they’d given her their number. The catch? They’ve never actually met, and Francesca Stugot isn’t a real person.

On TikTok, users have the ability to submit their friends, boyfriends, or enemies (anyone, really) to Stugot’s TikTok prank through a form in her bio. The account blew up overnight, and #francescastugot has over 35.8 million views on the platform. Safe to say, people are loving Franny — myself included.

However, with all great TikTok trends comes a slew of questions. In this case, people are wondering who this girl really is: What is Francesca Stugot’s real name? I took it upon myself to investigate.

Since the account skyrocketed to internet fame, the original handles of the users have changed. However, TikTok tags are forever, and I was able to find out who the real Franny Stuggs is. Upon a deep TikTok dive, I discovered that Stugot is the alter-ego of (recent) Marist College graduate, Kelsey McCullough. Sorry, y’all — she’s not a U Miami student partying alongside Alix Earle, but she’s still just as cool.

It doesn’t look like McCullough creates much personal content on her TikTok. Additionally, her Instagram is private, so there’s not much to investigate there. My takeaway? This girl is like the college equivalent of Hannah Montana, and it’s absolutely iconic.

So, let’s keep the trend going! Stugot’s form is currently open for submissions for anyone looking to get in on the prank. TBH, I’m secretly hoping someone puts me down for this… I promise I’ll play along!

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