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I Can’t Stop Watching These Francesca Stugot TikToks

OK… but who is Francesca Stugot? This girl, her distinguishable voice, and her apparent “meal prep business” are all over my FYP.  She is an icon, she is the moment, and of course, she is the alias of TikTok user @oliviaamarie.

ICYMI, Francesca Stugot is a character who prank calls college men and pretends that they’ve met at a bar before, and then tries to make plans with them. The men almost always believe they have met before (which is like pretty typical of men honestly), and the videos are just simply hilarious. Her antics are the perfect amount of wild and amusing and honestly, I want to be her best friend. 

The Franny Stugs videos range from hilarious to cringy — but they’re undoubtedly iconic. You can even submit names and numbers of guys you know to get a call from the queen herself here! Because, TBH, who doesn’t want to decompress by watching an empowered woman confuse college men — especially if you submit a friend of your own? Sounds like the perfect scroll to me!

Obvi, the queen of meal prepping will be showing us what she eats in a day. 


Day in the life of Franny Stugs! (Official insta: @thefrancescastugot) Stay tuned till the end for some texts with men- post convos! 😂 #foryou #francescastugot #gaighting #boys #vibe #prank #fyp

♬ original sound – Kelsey M

Franny Stugs also did a bar meet-and-greet with all of her fans. She is the people’s princess. 

Her weekends look just like all of ours, TBH.

If you couldn’t tell, this is a girl who doesn’t make mistakes — she just enhances the plot. 

Anyway, Franny Stugs, out!

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