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If you’ve heard the name Francesca Stugot while scrolling through your FYP and been confused, you’re not the only one. No, I’m not talking about Francesca from The Perfect Match, or any “real” person at all.

Let me explain. Francesca Stugot was created by TikTok users @oliviaamariee and @giuliannacirrincione, who have been going viral for calling college guys and pretending to be a mysterious girl named Francesca Stugot. Basically, they try to convince men into thinking they met Francesca at a bar or club some time before, and make plans for a later date. TikTok is finding the series absolutely hilarious.

People are just loving Francesca Stugot and how easily men are falling for the prank, forming a sort of cult following as more and more videos are posted. The hashtag #francescastugot already has over 10 million views, with individual videos easily getting thousands of likes. The most popular Francesca Stugot video has over 3 million views and almost 500k likes, and the comments are just hilarious. 

One user commented “eat, sleep, francesca stugot.” and got 56.6k likes, and another commented, “God you’re so good at this that I forgot you aren’t actually Francesca Stugot” with over 28.6k likes.

To continue the series and make it as funny as ever, Francesca Stugot is also looking for more people to call. If you give her a phone number, a name, and a backstory, you could find your submission being acted out by Francesa Stugot herself! This form is currently open for submissions from anyone looking to get in on the prank.

Inica Kotasthane

Columbia Barnard '26

Inica Kotasthane is a student at Barnard College in New York City. She's a big fan of writing (duh!), making zines, and curating her Spotify playlists. Prior to becoming President of the Columbia/Barnard Her Campus chapter, she was a National Writer for Her Campus. She is passionate about journalism and politics, and is especially interested in uplifting minority and queer voices in these areas.