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Demi Lovato Wants To Be An MMA Fighter

Lately, you can find Demi Lovato kicking ass and taking names. Specifically, she’s been doing so at her Unbreakable Performance Center, where she’s throwing punches like a pro. Since she announced her break from the spotlight, she’s been taking her training up a notch with gym owner Jay Glazer. Lovato is super proud of her work inside the gym documenting killer moves on Instagram.

This natural stress reliever might even be a new career move. TMZ reports Lovato would be down to participate in a real MMA fight and Glazer believes she has the mindset to do so. More than that, the video evidence is proof enough that she has the confidence to take on Ronda Rousey and the like. What’s wrong with being confident, right? Although Lovato has yet to confirm any serious competition we know with her dedication (she trained with a sprained ankle damn it!), she’d give any fighter a run for their money.


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