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Dani Cimorelli & Emmyn Calleiro’s Relationship Started When They Were Really Young

The internet is in shambles over Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s breakup and now there’s yet another beloved couple fans are losing: Dani Calleiro (aka Dani Cimorelli) and Emmyn Calleiro. Dani just announced their divorce on TikTok after almost three years of marriage. Not everyone was shocked to hear this, but plenty of Cimorelli fans came out of the woodwork to talk about how they felt about the whole situation. (It was like Ned Fulmer all over again.)

Before I jump into a quick breakdown of Dani and Emmyn’s short-lived love life, you might need a refresher. The band Cimorelli took over YouTube back in the day with their singing videos. Out of the six sisters, Dani was the youngest, and she and her former beau got married quickly.

During their relationship, Dani made endless posts about how much she loved Emmyn over on her Insta. Emmyn? Not so much. Granted, he’s gone through an endless list of Instagram accounts over the last few years so there isn’t much for fans to investigate there. But, there’s still plenty to talk about so let’s get into it. 

2018: The couple is in their honeymoon phase.

Emmyn said he developed a celeb crush on Dani when they were both just 12 (they were both born in 2000, so that would be around 2012). He followed the sisters’ Cimorelli band on YouTube and wanted to meet them. Fast-forward a couple of years and both the Cimorelli sister and Emmyn happened to be living in Nashville at the same time. Dani and Emmyn met up and boom — perfect match. The pair started spending all of their time together, posting Instagram photos and videos together constantly on their joint YouTube channel. Emmyn took over Dani’s feed and Dani took over Emmyn’s.

2019: The lovebirds enter their newlywed era.

It makes sense that after being so hot and heavy for a year the couple got engaged. Dani grew up Catholic, and it wasn’t weird to them to be married at a young age quickly, she explained in an appearance on the Gen Z talk show POVz. Their wedding was beautiful — taken straight off my Pinterest board, I swear. 

“To put it simply, Emmyn, you are my safe place,” the bride wrote on Instagram. “I love you forever. Here’s to a lifetime of laughs, faith, and lots of plantains.”

Emmyn returned her affection in the caption of an Instagram post that no longer exists. “5 days ago I married my favorite person on the planet. It couldn’t have been any better,” the 19-year-old captioned a photo from the ceremony, according to Distractify. “Danielle, I love you so much, and I can’t wait to experience and to take on life with you… I’m so lucky and HONORED to be your husband.”

2020: Dani leaves Cimorelli.

In January 2020, Dani announced her departure from Cimorelli in a classic Notes App post. After she left, she started her own passion projects, working on solo music and social media. 

2022: Emmyn’s song about their relationship goes viral.


this is all true and to danis mom, i love u

♬ Get A Job – Games We Play

Meanwhile, her (ex) husband Emmyn blew up on TikTok with his song “You Should Get A Job.” He used their love story to promote the track and explain the meaning behind it. Turns out, Dani offered to bankroll Emmyn’s life while he started to take his band, Games We Play, and music career seriously. Mama Cimorelli was not happy about it. Can you blame her?

2023: Dani drops the divorce bomb.

As I said, Dani and Emmyn posted about each other constantly. Once Emmyn switched to using just his band’s Instagram instead of having a personal account, both of the singers disappeared from social media and stopped posting each other. This was around the time the pandemic picked up speed.

Fans assumed their relationship was fine behind the scenes until recently when Dani canceled her trip to visit Emmyn, who is on tour in Europe. It didn’t take long for Dani to come out and announce their split on TikTok. Both Dani and Emmyn released a statement on their Instagram stories reading, “Hey guys, we wanted to let you know that we are not together anymore. We still love each other a lot and are still each other’s biggest fans. We are both okay and are still friends ❤️ — Dani and Emmyn.”

Cuffing season is officially over, folks. I hope it’s all for the best and that the former Cimorelli girls are doing what they can to support Dani.

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