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taylor swift performing on the eras tour opening night
taylor swift performing on the eras tour opening night
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This Taylor Setlist Change Has Started Speculation About Her Breakup With Joe

In case you were busy planning for Easter festivities on Saturday night, there’s a high possibility that you may have just seen the news that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up. The rumors began circulating throughout Twitter on Saturday, when Entertainment Tonight reported the breakup first. ET explained that “the relationship had just run its course” and claimed that was the reason fans had not seen Alwyn at any of the previous Eras Tour stops since the tour began in March. Her Campus reached out to both Swift’s and Alwyn’s teams for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Since reports of a breakup have created a frenzy on social media, fans think that this breakup may have been hinted at in the past few weeks on the Eras Tour setlist by Swift herself. 

At the Arlington stop of the Eras Tour on March 31, Swift changed a small part of her setlist that fans were not expecting. People reported that during the performance of the first song of the Folklore section of the show, instead of playing “Invisible String,” she began to perform “The 1.” “Invisible String” focuses on the concept of fate intertwining two soulmates, and believing that destiny brought the two together. It’s a different song compared to “The 1,” which addresses the concept of lost love and reminisces on a relationship that no longer exists. This performance occurred about a week before breakup rumors began to circulate. As the setlist has changed, fans believe that this may have been a sign that there was something going on.


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There’s also been small hints throughout other Eras Tour shows. Leading into a performance of “This Is Me Trying,” Swift spoke to the crowd of 70,000 fans about the idea of being in a room full of people who know nothing about what the person next to them is going through. Addressing the Arizona audience, she explained that “we have no idea what people are covering up, and that they’re really working hard to overcome at this given moment.” This left many Swifties to question if it was a hint that the breakup had taken place throughout the last couple of months. 

Even though there are rumors of small easter eggs being in the Eras Tour setlist or even during speeches, Swift and Alwyn have been able to keep their relationship private. never used her personal life in easter eggs on this level, and especially in talking about her relationship with Alwyn in the past. At the end of the day, we as fans are not entitled to know about what occurred between Swift and Alwyn. We can’t entirely know what happened, and all we can do is just hope for the best in their careers as they continue to gain more success. 

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