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Bama Rush Season 2: Here Are 9 TikTokers To Have On Your Radar

Some people have Shark Week. Some people have Bachelor Mondays. Some people even camp out at theaters for the latest Marvel release. I don’t have any of these. I have something much, much more.

Bama Rush TikTok.

That’s right, besties. ‘Tis the season to lounge on the couch and scroll through endless OOTDs, “what’s in my rush bag” videos, and Shein hauls, wondering who will end up on top by the end of rush week. It’s as stylish as New York Fashion Week, as dramatic as Too Hot To Handle, and as entertaining as the last season of Stranger Things. And it’s right around the corner.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or have a life outside of TikTok), Bama Rush TikTok is a multi-day extravaganza where sorority actives and potential new members (PNMs) at the University Of Alabama document their rush experience, theme-day outfits, and their overall journey to finding their “forever home” at a sorority. And although I’m a Greek life dropout, I’ve been counting down the days since Bama Rush 2021 so I can re-experience the magic of this Game Of Thrones sorority spinoff.

With Bama Rush officially starting on August 6th, there have already been some main contenders on the quest for sorority superstardom. However, with the rumors of sororities discouraging PNMs from posting rush content swirling, we’re going to be focusing on some of the active members that we can’t wait to see more from once Rush Week finally begins. Roll Tide!


This Phi Mu Icon has been serving up iconic looks all Work Week long—including this absolute serve for Phi Mu’s “Breakfast At The White House” theme. Not only that, but this baddie pulled out all the stops for the sunny “You Are Mu Sunshine” theme by wearing rollerskates to amplify the fun vibes of this theme. Rollerskates! We can’t help but to stan.


Where them Zetas at?! Not only is Ada serving the fits, but she’s also been killin’ it in terms of makeup, hair, and accessories as well. Her Work Week style has been fun and exciting, and I find myself looking forward to all of her looks each and every day. Can’t wait to see your Rush Week fits, bestie!


BAMA ZETAAAAA💖💗🍭💐🍬 #bamarush #rush #zta

♬ L$d – Luclover


You might remember Ally from Bama Rush Season 1: her stylish ‘fits and hilarious personality made her a standout during last year’s Rush Week. Now that she’s officially a Zeta, I can’t wait to see all of the fun Ally will bring to my FYP this Bama Rush season. I mean, did y’all see her hometown ‘fit? The girl is goofy, and we love her for it.


Briah SLAYED from day 1 of Bama Rush Work Week, okay? Her Candyland look, complete with cute, metallic antennas, was absolutely adorable—and her ‘fits for the rest of the week so far have been just as adorable. Not to mention, her GRWM for day 4 was hilarious and refreshingly real. We’re Briah stans here.



♬ original sound – Phoebe


MK is bringing the energy this Bama Rush! Not only are her outfits immaculate, but she’s also been busting a move all Work Week long. I honestly feel revived when I see her Rush Tok videos. I not only need this girl to give me the links to all of her accessories, but I need dance lessons too. MK is eating and leaving no crumbs this Rush Week!


I love Madi. Although she hasn’t posted any Work Week outfits, it’s really awesome to see LGBTQ+ representation in Greek life. Her videos with her Greek sisters, where they teach her the Bama Rush trends, never fail to make me smile. Keep bein’ you, Madi!


Madison’s Work Week outfits have been to die for. Not only can this baddie pull off sequin miniskirts like nobody’s business, but her fun accessories and colorful style have also been brightening up my FYP all week long. Her content has been fun, funny, and real—and I can’t wait to see all of her fun Rush Week looks!


Halle was an underrated legend during Bama Rush 2021 but, this year, she’s been turning out looks daily. Her fun tinsel hair and face gems have been serving, and her hometown NYC look was absolutely on point. Since Halle has been popping off this Work Week, I can only imagine what she has in store for Rush Week. Slay, bestie!


Tori has been my one-to-watch during Bama Rush 2022. She’s giving looks. She’s giving glam. She’s giving energy! What’s there not to love about a girlie who wears Heelys during sorority recruitment? Her funny personality really shines through in her videos, and it makes me seriously want to call this girl a bestie. We love to see it!


This is how it feels to be the best on the row!!! #AlphaGam #BamaRush

♬ som original – 2020
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