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Twitter Is In Tears Over Those Kendall Jenner & Bad Bunny Rumors

As if the Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart dating rumors weren’t enough, Twitter believes that a new celeb couple is in the works. Get your 2023 bingo boards ready, because apparently Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny were seen “playing tonsil hockey” at The Bird Streets, a private LA club. (Her Campus reached out to both Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny’s teams for comment on the claims but didn’t hear back by the time of publication.) I know, I’m just as confused as you. 

Now, I’m behind in this year’s bingo because I definitely thought Beyoncé was going to take home Album of the Year at the Grammys, and I was not expecting a Rihanna pregnancy announcement during the Super Bowl halftime show, so if you had this reported romance on your radar, I’m jealous. 

The rumors started with the well-known and anonymous gossip Instagram account, Deuxmoi, who covered the rumor on their podcast, Deaux U, on Feb. 16. According to the blind item, sources say that Jenner and Bad Bunny (real name Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio) were getting cozy in the LA nightclub and — in their words — playing “tonsil hockey.” Supposedly, Kendall left, and within minutes, Bad Bunny was also seen leaving the club. It’s obviously possible this was just a coincidence, but the internet can’t help but wonder if they continued the night together elsewhere. 

OK, so let’s break this rumor down. Jenner and her last-known boyfriend, Devin Booker, broke up after two years of dating in November 2022. As for Bad Bunny, Ocasio and Gabriela Berlingeri — jewelry designer and co-parent to their puppy, Sansa — have been linked since 2017. However, breakup rumors swirled after Ocasio’s 2023 Grammys appearance, where he was not accompanied by Berlingeri. 

It’s worth noting that blind items are notoriously unreliable, so it’s best that we take this information with a grain of salt. While all of this is a conspiracy that may only be proven through time, the one thing we know for sure is that the internet is in shambles and Twitter is not OK. 

Some internet users, though, are down with letting Ocasio be happy and make his own decisions about his dating life.

However, the majority of Twitter remain in tears. Get well soon, besties.

So the question is: Are fans witnessing a new hot couple in the making, or is this just another invasive dating rumor that will blow over in a couple of days?

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