The Beauty & Self-Care Tips That Student Leaders Swear By

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Whether you work as an RA, serve on the exec board of your sorority, or collaborate on content at your school newspaper, student leaders know how to chase their goals and hustle. But they also understand that being a leader requires making a positive impression––projecting an image of someone who’s totally put together and in charge. They can craft confidence with makeup and do a contour so sharp it dazzles everyone in the room. Hey, it’s not easy making an impact on campus while maintaining a head-to-toe ~look~, but someone’s gotta do it.

Read on to see how seven student leaders balance their beauty routine and responsibilities to absolutely slay.

1. Wind down busy skin with a face mask

Being on the go means less time for skincare, but influential collegiettes like Lola George, a junior at the University of North Texas, find balance with a revitalizing face mask. Lola is a certified personal trainer and group instructor, and you can find her literally leading students in everything from spin to cardio. “I think that post-workout is the best time to pamper yourself because you’re already doing something great for your body by exercising,” she explains. After a long workout with her students, Lola kicks back with a Feeling Beautiful Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask or Hey Honey Exfoliating Peel-Off Mask. “I try not to use anything on my face that wouldn’t go into my body, so I’ll opt for avocado and honey masks.”

Caroline Pirozzolo, a senior at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, flexes her leadership skills as the style director of an on-campus fashion magazine, Coulture. To balance out the week, Caroline treats herself to a Sunday night sheet mask while she winds down with a candle and Netflix––AKA beauty relaxation goals. “Right now, my favorites are the Tonymoly I'm Real sheet masks,” she says. “The red wine one especially seems to magically clear my skin overnight sometimes!”

These boss babes prove you can build your extracurricular resume without sacrificing radiant skin or self-care. Now just head to Ulta Beauty and find your perfect relaxing mask!

2. Use products that are functional and glamorous

On those days when you have to bounce from meeting to meeting, full-face makeup and luxurious hours at your vanity just aren’t possible. That’s why the craftiest student leaders know to stock their medicine cabinet with beauty staples that multitask.

Darcy Schild, a junior at the University of Florida, really runs it all. As the editor-in-chief of Her Campus UFL, an ambassador for the UF College of Journalism and Communications and a columnist for The Alligator (UF's student paper), Darcy seeks products that can keep up with her frontrunner attitude. “As a student leader, I usually have long days of class followed by meetings at night, so I like wearing makeup that lasts all day but still feels light and natural,” she explains. “That's why this tinted moisturizer from Pür is one of my beauty staples. It has SPF (which is so important, especially in Florida) and gives light coverage without looking or feeling overbearing. It stays on all day, so I feel confident from the time I head out the door to when I'm leading a meeting for my Her Campus chapter in the evening!”

Never underestimate the power of minimal products that pack a lot of punch! Time to let your cosmetics be are hard-working as you are.

3. When in doubt, destress with beauty

Being ambitious is a full-time job, but that doesn't mean student leaders don’t feel the pressure. University of Missouri-Columbia senior Micki Wagner works as an editor for her city’s magazine, and on days when her workload feels overwhelming, she destresses with an at-home manicure.

“When my mood hasn't been the best or I know I'm embarking on a hard week, I like to do my nails. I always DIY my manicure using a nail file, a fun nail polish color and a nice top coat.” Micki’s current fave is World is My Oyster by Sally Hansen, if you’re looking for some nail polish shade inspo. “Having a manicure on always makes me feel ready to take on the world!” Nails beautiful, goals conquered.

Similarly, for Hannah Harshe, beauty is much needed TLC after she makes an impact as a Young Life leader and mentor for FATE at the University of Michigan. “I recently got the Julep Korean Skincare Made Simple Kit. After a long day of classes and student orgs and way too much time in the library, it feels so nice to come home and exfoliate all of that stress off of my face.” SAME.

4. Give yourself a boost with makeup

Oftentimes student leaders use makeup to re-charge from the outside in. UCLA senior Lindsay Weinberg is the arts editor for her school newspaper, former vice president of her sorority, and has juggled five other internships outside of school, so it’s “really important for [her] to feel clean and put together to make a good impression and just feel confident on long days.” Her secret for an iconic workday look?  “I love doing my eye makeup—it's the one thing I do every day. My go-to items are a black eyeliner from Urban Decay, along with a shimmery gold shadow from a Naked palette.”

See how far you go once you feel as fresh and fun as that crisp smoky eye.

5. Dry shampoo is your best friend

Collegiettes already swear by dry shampoo, but for busy student leaders, dry shampoo is basically the Beyoncé of hair tools. Marisa Pieper, a campus social media specialist at Arizona State University, can’t function without it. “On really busy, non-stop days I’d typically like to just throw my hair back and put a hat on––but with my leadership role, I have to be a little more put together. I use the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo because it gives my hair more body and helps it style nicely when I don’t have time to.” You’ll want to add this to your makeup arsenal ASAP.

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