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Sam Antoine


Hey party people!!!

I'm Samantha, but my friends call me Sam because there are a million and one Samanthas out there. I am a sophmore studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing and Early Childhood Education at Adelphi Unversity. When you first meet me I am really shy but when I am with my friends I like to think that I am the life of the party. Usually you can find me reading, talking about TGIT, mindlessly scrolling my phone, tumbling (on Tumblr of course!), or pinning on Pinterest. My dream is to travel the world and make memories that will last me a lifetime. I'm always up for a new adventure! 


My tumblr says more about me than I ever will : www.stonecold-novelist.tumblr.com


Fun fact about me: I never really know what to say for these bio things and I always feel so awkward making them. *insert cute monkey hiding face emoji*