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Phenelope Pasco

UC Berkeley '27

Phenelope is currently a freshman attending UC Berkeley, majoring in Media Studies and intends to double major in Business. She is currently a staff writer for the Berkeley department.

Phenelope has experience in journalism and design for school newspapers. She previously worked as Editor-in-Chief for her high school newspaper and oversaw the whole publishing process. She mainly loves writing and reading food reviews. Besides HerCampus, Phenelope also writes for a Pilipinx magazine called (M)aganda where she steps outside of her comfort zone and gives a go at prose and poetry.

She is still exploring her options in regard to what career fields she may enter after graduating. With both of her majors, she hopes her future job will involve a blend of the two. Besides writing, Phenelope pours her love into her hobbies such as baking, reading, and cafe hopping. She also always has her handy digital camera with her and loves to capture moments of her family and friends.