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Patricia Sanchez

UPRM '24

Hi! I’m Patricia Sofia, a Political Science Major at the University of Mayaguez, where you’ll find me constantly debating current events and political theories in class. I truly enjoy learning and creating my own opinions and stances on important topics that affect our society. In university, I’ve found a passion for public service as well, giving back to my community has been rewarding in more ways that I could describe.

As for hobbies, I'm love reading, and am always reading one nonfiction and fiction book at once- my currents are The Duchess Countess by Catherine Ostler and Conscious Luck by Gay Hendricks and Carol Kline. Sports is where I let loose, sometimes I'm cheering by the sidelines or watching on TV and other times I'm participating in a game. I grew up playing soccer and while I still enjoy it, I’ve found that tenis and pickleball are great sports for adulthood, since it’s so accessible and you only really need two people to play. Listening to music has always been form of therapy for me, my faves that I always find myself going back to are Taylor Swift and all the legends from the early 2000s Spanish Rock era, (like Maná, Juanes, RBD and so many more) which is sort of nostalgic for me.

I'm a firm believer in wellness and self-care, whether that be journaling, doing my skincare, cooking healthy recipes or simply priorizing my sleep, making time for myself helps me stay grounded and maintain my sanity. Growing up in Puerto Rico has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the ocean and the peace it brings me. Whenever I get a chance, you'll often find me at the beach, where I can disconnect from my worries and reconnect with myself.