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Music is a big part of my life and I have always enjoyed making playlists more than the average person. It’s a way for me to channel my energies creatively and enjoy the process. I am constantly finding new artists and songs I like and adding them to the mix. You can definitely always count on me to be the designated road trip DJ. 

Here are some of my favorite curated playlists for you to enjoy and hopefully you find as much comfort and inspiration listening as I did making them.

working on my energy

This playlist sounds like matcha and pilates in the morning + journaling and chamomile tea at night! 

The energy coming out of your speaker is going to be healing and inspiring. Listen to this one when you’re working on yourself, prioritizing wellness and manifesting abundance into your life. 

This playlist features artists like Jhené Aiko, Ariana Grande and Mitsky. 

on top of the world


The title for this one is pretty self-explanatory. I like to give a listen before a big presentation, a sports game or when I’m feeling good and just want to keep the good vibes going. 

These songs will get you hype, feeling confident and ready to conquer the world!

This playlist features artists, like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, OneRepublic and ABBA. 


Some days, when we’re feeling down and just want to wallow in our sorrows for a bit longer, sad music can help. I carefully curated the most emotional heart-wrenching songs to help you feel those feelings. Cry it out and get back on your zoom, girl. 

This playlist features artists, such as Olivia Rodrigo, Adele and Ben Platt. 

dia de playa

Translating to “beach day” in Spanish, this playlist offers a tropical island vibe that features all the classics and some newer songs too for the whole family to enjoy. These songs are not exclusive for the beach, they’re great for listening on the road, at parties, while cleaning your house or at your next summer BBQ. 

“Día de playa” is full of upbeat, feel good songs that you can listen to anywhere for a mood boost.

This playlist features artists like Maná, Danny Ocean, Bad Bunny and Karol G.

Bridgerton Soundtrack – study hack

Now I can’t take credit for curating this one, but I can take credit for putting you on. Listening to this soundtrack while I am studying has singlehandedly changed the game for me. While listening to these pop songs reimagined, I am somehow taken into a place where academics and scholarly matters are the only things on my mind.

Patricia Sánchez is a writer for Her Campus at the Mayagüez Chapter. Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Political Science, she brings her passion for writing to cover diverse topics. Patricia is deeply involved on campus, involved in three associations: UPRM Pre-Law Association, Leader of the Exchange Student Association, and Her Campus. In addition to her role at Her Campus, Patricia serves as a Functional Diversity Student Assistant at the OSEIRUM office at the university. Her writing extends beyond the campus, as she has a knack for crafting lifestyle pieces and insightful commentary on current events, blending her love for writing with her political science background. Outside of her academic and professional pursuits, Patricia finds joy in playing racquet sports like tennis and pickleball, staying active at the gym, doing pilates or cozying up with a good book. A Taylor Swift enthusiast and pop culture aficionado, she enjoys staying informed and engaging in discussions about the latest trends. Balancing her academic, extracurricular, and personal interests, Patricia also values quality time with loved ones. Whether it's cooking up a storm in the kitchen or delving into a good book, she cherishes moments that add depth and richness to her college experience.