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Dressing Seasonally in Hot Island Weather

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPRM chapter.

As a fashion lover, living on an island where it feels like summer all year-round, it can be hard to experiment with different styles and trends especially during the fall/wintertime. While it can be a blessing to not feel restricted to dress functionally, outfits can feel repetitive throughout the year. I’ll set up a detailed guide for you to follow for each season or find inspiration. Feel free to customize to fit your own style! 

General tips:

  • Focus on seasonal color pallets.
  • Prioritize textures and fabrics accordingly.
  • Accessorize to the max.
  • Embrace holidays like Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and dress up!
  • Wear removable and customizable layers. 
  • Choose a white or black base and go from there. 
  • Do your manicures and pedicures following to colors of each season. 


  • Colors: black, white, beige, brown, grey, burnt orange, sage green, burgundy, olive, navy.
  • Textures: cable knit, suede, dark wash denim. 
  • Patterns: plaid, stripes, glen check, pinstripes. 
  • Styles and Silhouettes: oversized, comfortable. 
  • Accessories: dark sunglasses, boots, leather bags, moccasins. 
  • Essential pieces: oversized thin blazer, light cardigans, button-ups, miniskirts, vests and sweater vests. 

3 outfit ideas:

o   Dark grey mini skirt, white high neck tank top and a black blazer with pointed white heels and a burgundy midi bag. Choose a chain that sits above a little lower than your neckline and feel free to mix metals with the rest of your outfit.

o   A simple white tee, black relaxed trousers with black ballet flats pulled together with a brown belt and a brown shoulder bag paired with oval black glasses. Wear your hair in a slick back bun and lots of your favorite jewelry. 

o   Olive green linen type trousers, with a cream/beige mock neck sleeveless sweater tucked in and brown Converse. For your hair, do a loose high ponytail and a beautiful pair of earrings. 


  • Colors: black, white, beige, red, forest green, silver, gold.
  • Textures: leather, medium wash denim, cashmere, cable knit, silk, tweed.
  • Patterns: cheetah print, glitter. 
  • Styles and Silhouettes: fitted clothing with layers and an elegant flare for the holidays. 
  • Accessories: mixed metals and studs, boots, sheer tights. 
  • –    Essential pieces: leather bottoms, leather jacket, mini black dress and/or party dresses, blazers, sweaters, dark neutral-colored trousers, sweater vests. 

3 outfit ideas: 

o A black sweater (can be worn wrapped around the shoulders if walking or the climate gets too warm), a white tank top and black trousers. Paired with a dark cherry red leather baggy bag and high heel studded mules. Also wear a ton of jewelry with mixed metals or preference. 

o Mini dress with gold/silver glittery detailing, mini crossbody, bag sheer black tights, and mid-calf boots. (Tip: if the dress has gold and silver details, opt for gold or silver when choosing jewelry.)

o Medium to dark-wash denim shorts with a black tank top or fitted tee paired with an oversized vintage denim jacket. Wear with a pair of platform combat boots. 


  • Colors: white yellow, lilac, soft shades of pinks, blues and greens.
  • Textures: embroidery, linen, light wash denim, lace.
  • Patterns: floral, gingham, paisley, polka dot.
  • Styles and Silhouettes:  feminine, while effortless.
  • Accessories: ribbons, colorful mules, sneakers and sandals, embroidered belts, bandanas. 
  • Essential pieces: maxi skirts, gingham shorts, eyelet embroidered blouses, puff sleeve dresses. 

3 outfit ideas: 

o White tube top, maxi floral skirt, white sneakers and a tote bag. To accessorize, wear a cute headpiece or bandana with minimal dainty jewelry.

o Puff sleeve lilac top, light denim shorts, sandals and two braids decorated with ribbons at the bottom. 

o Pastel green button up with white trousers and a darker tone of dainty green mules that you can DIY with little flowers on the top. Pair this with your everyday jewelry and a loose ponytail. 


  • Colors: white, black, nude, all shades of blue, brighter shades of pink, orange, and purple. 
  • Textures: linen, light and medium wash denim, ribbed material, silk, crotchet, straw. 
  • Patterns: quatrefoil, paisley, awning stripes, toile. 
  • Styles and silhouettes: Flowy, Breathable. 
  • Accessories: straw hats and purses, sunglasses, sandals, silk scarves for your hair or tied around your neck. 
  • Essential pieces: denim shorts, linen trousers, sundresses, maxi silk skirt, swim coverups, overalls. 

3 outfit ideas:

o Pinstripe light blue button down, cream miniskort and sandals. Accessorize with a big neutral bag, sunglasses and gold & white stone jewelry.

o White baby tee, overalls, brown sunglasses, orange bag and a matching silk bandana wrapped around your head paired with a matching color of Converse. 

o Simple white tank top, a light champagne silk maxi skirt and black dainty shoes. Wear your hair in a sleek back bun and accessorize with a black bag, sunglasses and minimal jewelry.

Patricia Sánchez is a writer for Her Campus at the Mayagüez Chapter. Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Political Science, she brings her passion for writing to cover diverse topics. Patricia is deeply involved on campus, involved in three associations: UPRM Pre-Law Association, Leader of the Exchange Student Association, and Her Campus. In addition to her role at Her Campus, Patricia serves as a Functional Diversity Student Assistant at the OSEIRUM office at the university. Her writing extends beyond the campus, as she has a knack for crafting lifestyle pieces and insightful commentary on current events, blending her love for writing with her political science background. Outside of her academic and professional pursuits, Patricia finds joy in playing racquet sports like tennis and pickleball, staying active at the gym, doing pilates or cozying up with a good book. A Taylor Swift enthusiast and pop culture aficionado, she enjoys staying informed and engaging in discussions about the latest trends. Balancing her academic, extracurricular, and personal interests, Patricia also values quality time with loved ones. Whether it's cooking up a storm in the kitchen or delving into a good book, she cherishes moments that add depth and richness to her college experience.