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Nathan Oelker


Campus: The University of Illinois at ChicagoMajor: English; concentration in Media, Rhetorical, and Cultural StudiesYear: JunoirNathan Oelker transferred to UIC from Waubonsee Community College, a school no one's ever heard of, for the Spring 2013 semester. He hails from Somonauk, Illinois, a town even more people have never heard of, where the skyline consists of a water tower and grain elevator.Oelker expects to one day utilize his writing, communication, media, and creative skills wherever they can be applied, in exchange for a decent living amid the immense competition and challenges of global capitalism facing the millenial generation. Aside from a writer, Oelker is also a filmmaker (director, screenwriter, editor, actor, and cinematographer), comedy enthusiast, Second City student, Anglophile, oil painter, tired long-distance commuter, and sugar addict. Oelker's reputation as an azúcaradicto is notoriously voracious, but he cuts down on the pastries and candy when his cavities start to hurt. That being said, upon reaching old age, Oelker plans on replacing Wilford Brimley as the diabeetus spokesman for Liberty Medical.