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Naomi Francis

Waterloo '25

Naomi Francis is the Campus Correspondent of the Her Campus Waterloo chapter. She manages the chapter’s activities, initiatives, and articles, and oversees a team of 30+ writers and executives. She’s been part of the Waterloo chapter for three years in various roles, including as a writer, Junior editor, and Senior editor.

Beyond Her Campus, Naomi is in her fourth year at the University of Waterloo (UW), majoring in Rhetoric & Media and minoring in French. She currently works as a blogger for UW, where she writes student-centric content covering uni life for prospective and undergraduate students. Naomi has also authored articles for her school’s student-run newspaper, and is a diverse content writer with experience writing for tech, economic development, and EDI-centric organizations across Waterloo.

Like a typical English major, Naomi loves to spend her free time reading, and she has a huge soft spot for fantasy novels. She also loves baking and is a huge Marvel fan!