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Maggie Byers

Youngstown '27

Maggie Byers is a first-year member of the Her Campus chapter at Youngstown State University. She plans to write about a multitude of topics over the next few years including literature recommendations, campus activity, mental wellness, and relationship advice. Additionally, Maggie hopes to be eventually involved in her chapter’s article editing and recruitment process.
Outside of Her Campus, Maggie works on campus at the Cove and at Pete’s Treats. Throughout the year, she maintains her involvement in the agriculture industry by raising, showing, and selling market livestock animals with her family. Maggie also enjoys managing her babysitting and tutoring service, which she began in high school. She has had pieces published in The Vindicator, The Farm and Dairy, and Twisted Tales – US Escapades. Maggie is currently a Public and Professional Writing Major at Youngstown State University and hopes to pursue a career in grant writing after graduation.
When she’s not busy working or writing, Maggie loves reading romance novels, listening to Broadway music, and consuming iced coffee. Often, she can be found with her family or boyfriend enjoy good food, laughter, and games. Her favorite flower is a sunflower, and she exclusively wears silver jewelry. Maggie has a golden retriever named Percy, after Percy Jackson, as well as two Hereford cows named Dorothy and George, all which she adores dearly.